Dimensional Manga: December 2007

Dimensional Manga is a publishing company registered under the company name Fifth Dimension Limited. It specializes in producing manga graphic novels. Its first title is Demon Prince: Children of Gaia (14 part series). Volume 1 is scheduled for release in February 2008. It will be distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors and has appeared in December '07 issue of Diamond Previews (Page 3).

Dimensional Manga plans to release further titles in the future including:

Origins: Energy Pattern Disruption,
Discoveries: Fifth Dimensional Layer Shift
Ghost Battle: Imprisoned by Progression
Incomplete: Detached.

Dimensional Manga believes in providing fans with a top quality experience through stunning storylines captured in amazing manga graphic novels. Dimensional Manga's ultimate aim is to push the barriers within the comic books arena and introduce never before seen concepts and content encapsulated in a perfect balance of action, comedy and excitement.

Visit Dimensional Manga website http://www.dimensionalmanga.com where you can view the free sample pages from the upcoming Graphic Novels, Demon Prince: Children of Gaia. Vol 1 and Vol 2. Alterntively click the following links:

Graphic Novel 1(NORMAL PREVIEW): http://publish.digital-publishing.co.uk/?id=dp6455

Graphic Novel 2(SERIOUS PREVIEW): http://publish.digital-publishing.co.uk/?id=dp8894

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