Dave Lister to Appear at Setsucon

Dave Lister to Appear at Setsucon!


David Lister is a freelance illustrator and the mastermind behind the webcomic “Paradox Lost.” He will be making a guest appearance at Setsucon and he will be conducting his “Artist Survival” panel showing artists how to survive in the world and make money at the same time.

“Paradox Lost” is about two-college freshman that dream about breaking into the game industry. Don't worry; there are also space pirates, ninjas, and hot alien babes who come and interfere with their lives. You can check out his webcomic at www.paradox-lost.com.

About Setsucon:

Setsucon is a second year anime convention that debuted in January of 2007 in State College, Pennsylvania. The purpose of Setsucon is to provide a fun, educational, social experience for our con-goers where we can celebrate Japanese culture in a major college setting. As a young convention, we are working to expand our resources and bring our best to the area's anime fans.

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