Animated Classic Voltron Returns to Air Waves February 18 on Cartoon Network's Boomerang Channel

St. Louis, MO - Starting Monday, February 18, the Boomerang Channel will air the classic Voltron animated series, it was announced today by exclusive licensor World Events Productions. The weekly strip show, repackaged from the 1984 episodes, will run continuously for one year Monday through Friday during the 10:30 P.M. prime time slot.

"World Events Productions is very excited to partner with the Cartoon Network to reunite the original Voltron series with devoted followers and to introduce it to new audiences. Boomerang is the perfect outlet for showcasing this animated classic," said WEP general manager Tiffany Ilardi.

Based on an original Japanese series, Voltron focuses on a team of young pilots in charge of five robot lions that unite to form the mega robot Voltron, defender of the planet Arus. The program was released in 2007 by Media Blasters as an 8-volume DVD set entitled Voltron: Defender of the Universe, which was completely re-mastered and re-mixed from the original episodes. The DVD package is further enhanced with exclusive documentaries and seldom-seen clips from the original show. The first five volumes were released during 2007; three remaining volumes, including the Go Lion episodes, are scheduled for release throughout 2008.

With the announcement of a potential Voltron live-action feature film with Mark Gordon signed on to produce, merchandising has been taking off for World Events. Some of these deals include a collectible shoe line by Reebok, several apparel lines, a collectible toy line and a comic deal with Devil's Due Publishing.

Boomerang is a sister channel of Cartoon Network, the pre-eminent cable outlet for animated programs around the world. Both Boomerang and the Cartoon Network are owned by Time Warner.

World Events Productions is a St. Louis-based Koplar Communications International company specializing in the international licensing, production and distribution of animated television entertainment. Currently World Events programming can be seen in over 50 countries. For additional information, please visit and

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