Akibanana.com Launches into Your Heart on Vday

AKIHABARA, TOKYO - February 14, 2008

G.I. Jane, Inc (Head Office: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Jane Fong, hereinafter GI Jane) is
excited to announce the beta launch of its Akihabara-based geek-culture (otaku) web media,
www.akibanana.com. The site delivers the most up-to-date trends and happenings in Japan's
otaku capital, right from its epicenter.

The site features in-depth articles focusing on current and historical events in and related to
Akihabara – particularly anime, manga, games, figures, maids/idols, tech & gadgets, and
robots. Apart from articles, Akibanana has a strong emphasis on videos; they are taken at
related events not only in Akihabara but also throughout the rest of Tokyo and serves to
complement the written articles.

As a fixed content on the site, Akibanana also offers the most comprehensive 'Akiba guide' for
those intending to visit Akihabara. Some unique features include the world's first English
Akihabara shop directory listing information on maid cafes, game centers, electronics shops,
restaurants and other establishments in Akihabara. Another attraction of the site is the
'Akipedia,' a meticulously compiled encyclopedia of otaku terminology, explaining terms such
as "aho-ge" (moron-hair), "iyashi" (soothing relaxation), and "nekomimi" (cat ears) to help
fans keep up with the latest Japanese slangs or buzzwords.

As the beta version is still work in progress, expect more updates on Akibanana regularly. Up
next to look out for is the most comprehensive English map available as well as a virtual tour
of historic and modern Akihabara guided by Akibanana's cosplay mascots, Gaigokujin and
The Rinrin Sisters - Okarinrin, and Corinrin.

About GI Jane
GI Jane is an Internet media company founded in July 2007 with the mission of spreading
Akiba's Otaku subculture to the rest of the world.


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