GDH to Release Animation of Classic Comedy Manga Hennako-chan Online

An anime adaptation of the cult comic maestro Fujio Akatsuka to be distributed
worldwide with subtitles
GDH K.K. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shinichiro Ishikawa, Securities Code: TSE Mothers 3755, hereinafter GDH) will create an anime adaptation of Hennako-chan, a Japanese comic written by Fujio Akatsuka and produced by Fujio Production, Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Managing Director: Rieko Akatsuka), and will distribute it worldwide on the Internet.

Hennako-chan is a black comedy comic about a girl with psychic powers and was serialized in weekly magazine "Shukan Josei" (Publisher: SHUFU-TO-SEIKATSU SHA LTD.) from January 1991 to August 1994. Based on this comic, GDH's subsidiary GONZO Rosso K.K. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Managing Director: Hideki Moriya, hereinafter GONZO Rosso) will produce a web anime consisting of six 3-minute episodes which will be distributed at GONZO DOGA*, GONZO's official channel on YouTube, from Friday, April 25, 2008, with a new episode coming out every other week.

Fujio Akatsuka has previously written 540 comic series, and four of his works have already been made into anime; namely Osomatsu-kun (first aired in 1966), Himitsu no Akko-chan (first aired in 1969), Mooretsu Atarou (first aired in 1969), and Tensai Bakabon (first aired in 1971). Hennako-chan will be the fifth title to be animated after Tensai Bakabon was made available 37 years ago. The Internet anime version of Hennako-chan will be produced by digitally processing Akatsuka's autographed artwork, then adding movements, voice tracks, and sound effects to create a unique feel as if it is a "moving comic strip," as opposed to conventional TV animation.

This online release of Hennako-chan will also be provided with English and Chinese subtitles**, enabling anime fans outside of Japan to enjoy the show at the same time as Japanese fans. Subtitles will be provided through YouTube APIs and using a multilingual subtitle synchronization system developed by FUJIYAMA, Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Junko Yoshii).

By expanding from its core broadcasting and distribution channels to the Internet, and by producing anime adaptations of works by renowned comic artists, GDH will aim to reach beyond the existing anime fan segment both within and outside of Japan, and pursue new possibilities of the ad-supported webcasting business model.

** Subtitled versions:

[About Hennako-chan]
Hennako-chan is a black comedy comic series targeted at adult readers. The main character is an eccentric elementary school girl who has telekinetic powers that enable her to manipulate other people, animals, and even plants or objects by just staring at them. The series follows the helter-skelter daily lives of Hennako-chan and the people around her, including her family consisting of her very cracker-barrel parents, hot-to-trot elder sister, and a former stray dog, who are always thrown into frenzy by Hennako-chan's super-natural powers that expose their secrets.

Directed by: Jun Aoki and Yoshihide Ibata
Animation production: GONZO Rosso K.K.
Production: GDH K.K.
Music production: Pointblanc, Future Vision Music
Official website: (Japanese only)
© Fujio Akatsuka / GDH

[About Fujio Production, Co., Ltd.]
Fujio Akatsuka has been a pioneer in Japanese "gag manga" or comedy comics, and has created many known works such as Tensai Bakabon. With his insatiable experimentalism, his style ranges from pure humor to nonsense comedy or cynicism. Fujio Production was established in 1969 and manages Akatsuka's vast portfolio and its rights for comics publications, events, exhibits, and character merchandising.
Official website:

[About FUJIYAMA, Co., Ltd.]
FUJIYAMA has developed 2SDS (Secondary data Synchronous Distribution System), a system that enables synchronized playback of secondary data such as multiple voice tracks or subtitles with a single video file, thus streamlining management and delivery of the content to PCs, mobile phones, IPTV networks, and display screens in public locations. FUJIYAMA has been granted business method patents in US, as well as in Korea, China, and India for the technology (No.PCT/JP01/008190).
For further details, visit

[About GDH K.K.]
GDH is a globally-focused Japanese media company founded in February 2000. The group produces cutting edge entertainment for teens and young adults through its GONZO animation brand. Kids and family product is distributed through the GONZO FILMS and GONZINO brands.
GDH is a world leader in content development targeting both domestic and international audiences with Japan's trend-setting animation culture and, usually, GDH controls licensing management and international distribution for the content it produces.
For additional information, visit (for GDH) and (for GONZO - Japanese only).
GDH group companies include GONZO Rosso K.K., GONZO K.K., Future Vision Music K.K., GONZINO K.K., GDH Capital K.K. and GK Entertainment K.K.
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*Please note, this release is a direct translation from Japanese language release.

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