Gon, the All Time Favorite Comic Series in TV Animation

Daewon Media has obtained the Right to create GON TV ANIMATED SERIES.

Daewon Media, one of the largest animation/comic companies in Korea, has entered into an agreement with Kodansha, a publisher in Japan, for the creation of GON into a Television Animated Series. „GON‟ is an all time favorite comic created by Mr. Tanaka Masashi. Daewon Media and Kodansha have entered into an agreement during the 2008 New York Licensing Show (Licensing International Expo) this June. With the completion of the agreement, Daewon Media has obtained an exclusive right to develop the GON TV Animated Series for world-wide.

“GON” is a fictional character in a shape of a small dinosaur with unimaginable power and speed. The story takes place in the nature with a battle between GON and other animals. GON was first released in a Kodansha‟s weekly cartoon book and started publishing its own series in 1992. GON got much attention from the fans worldwide with its detailed drawing of various animal characters, very much like that of real life. It was especially known for its story-telling where no dialogue and no human ever appear throughout the book, relying only on the drawing. This was a whole new approach that caught everyone‟s attention. However it maintained to be fresh and funny, keeping its message.

The talk of creating GON into a TV Animated Series has been around since the 90‟s, however this is the first time it was ever confirmed, gathering tremendous interest in the industry.

The very unique aspect of the Comic (no words and no human characters) brought concerns for creating a TV Animated Series. However, the industry has agreed and is content with the success of the series with its artistry value as well as its commercialism, gathering much interest from the adventurous animators in US and Japan.

“I am very glad to see GON created into a new type of media, especially because GON was loved not only in Japan, but in many other countries as well.” said, Mr. Tanaka Masashi, the creator of GON.

Daewon Media is planning to make the new TV Animated Series a global project with world-wide distribution. This was the first time for Kodansha, one of the largest publishers in Japan to ever enter an agreement with a company outside of Japan for the creation of animated series, and it well illustrates the high standard and reputation of Korean animation of its quality in development and production. With GON, Daewon Media has introduced a new business model to Korea; acquiring a successful international content, and producing an animation for the world market to enjoy. The word is already out, the US and Europe is already showing much interest in GON TV Animated Series.

Daewon Media plans to jump into action immediately and complete preproduction which includes making of the scenario and storyboard and also start main production phase within 2008. It is currently expected to release GON TV Animated Series around early 2010.


Tanaka Masashi (田中政志)

▶ Bio;

Born in 1962 Shimane_ken, Japan. Graduated from Osaka Art School, School of Art Cartoonist debut as a university student.

▶ Cartoons;

・ 1986 Frash ・ 1987 Miss Marbel‟s Incredible Sale ・ 1988 Adventure! Victoria ・ 1990 Unidentified Prince Object (U.P.O) ・ 1991 Samurai Adventure ・ 1992 GON ・ 2006 GON JJANG

▶ GON's Awards;

・ Comic Festival, San Diego, US / The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, Best Humor Publication and Best U.S. Edition of Foreign Material

・ Sollies Cartoon Festival, France, Best French Edition of Foreign Material Award

・ Japanese Culture Ministry / Multimedia Art Award

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