New York - Tokyo Film Grand Prix 2008 Festival: From 77 Drummers to a Deadly Game of Tag: Tickets Now on Sale

The NYTFGP(New York - Tokyo Film Grand Prix) 2008 Festival Part One, in all media sponsored by MTV, is scheduled to begin on September 28th, 2008. The festival is comprised of eight films, mixed between viewers' choice and some selectively picked from NYT. All films are presented in Japanese with English subtitles.

To purchase your tickets for each screening, click on the film titles, or head on over to the festival website for more information. Read through it all and you could win some free passes to the festival!


77BOADRUM 10/13 (Mon.) - 7pm - Anthology Archives - 89min.
77BOADRUM 10/13 (Mon.) - 9:15pm - Anthology Archives - 89min.

77 BOADRUM, directed by Jun Kawaguchi, documents the now-legendary 7/7/07 performance by the mega-iconic Japanese band The Boredoms with 77 guest drummers. Expect big, loud, explosive energy. This international premiere screening will be followed by an appearance by director Jun Kawaguchi and a gathering of drummers who participated in the event.

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ASYL - PARK AND LOVE HOTEL - 10/7 (Tues) - 7pm - Tribeca Cinemas - 111 min.

ASYL - PARK AND LOVE HOTEL, directed by Izuru Kumasaka took the prize for "Best First Feature Film" at this year's Berlin International Film Festival. The film tells the story of four women who spend their time on the rooftop of a love hotel. The film thematically explores modernity, alienation and hope. Director Kumasaka will be making an appearance after this North American premiere.

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BLOODY SNAKE UNDER THE SUN - 10/14 (Tues) - 7pm - Anthology Archives - 122min.

BLOODY SNAKE UNDER THE SUN, directed by Yu Nakai,was screened in 2007 Tokyo Film Festival. This film is set in beautiful Okinawa with exotic music and illustrates the tensions of the era between the United States military and the street gangs of post-WWII Japan. The screening will be followed by an appearance by lead actor/model Shogen. It is being premiered internationally for the first time.

©2007 "The Chasing World" production committee

THE CHASING WORLD 10/8 (Wed) - 7pm - Tribeca Cinemas - 98min.

THE CHASING WORLD is based on the Yusuke Yamada novel "RIARU ONIGOKKO/Tag for Real" which tells the action-packed story of a surreal game of tag in which those who are tagged die-thoroughly dystopic and better than "Logan's Run." Directed by Issey Shibata-U.S. Premiere.

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CORAZON DE MELON 9/28 (Sun) - 6pm - NYU Cantor - 112min.

CORAZON DE MELON revolves around a woman's search for a very special melon for her ailing boyfriend (who's actually faking sick). Starring Japanese pop sensation T.M.Revolution and actress Waka Inoue, it's a cute yet tragic love story about the pursuit of love. Directed by Makoto Tanaka-International Premiere.

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DEATH OF DOMOMATA - 10/9 (Thurs) - 7pm - Tribeca Cinemas - 80min.

DEATH OF DOMOMATA focuses on a rehab facility in which junkie girls put on an annual play around Christmas, forming the basis for a "play within a play" environment. The story slowly melds with the reality of these girls' situation, blurring the lines of the play with reality. "No choice but to die young." There will be a video message from the director Shutaro Oku and the actresses - international premiere.

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GENUIS PARTY 10/12 (Sun) - 2pm - Anthology Archives - 102min.

GENIUS PARTY is a collection of seven short animated films from Studio 4.C-the people who put out "The Animatrix." They call it "Genius Party" for a reason.Directed by Atsuko Fukushima, Shoji Kawamori, Shinji Kimura, Yoji Fukuyama, Hideki Futamura, Masaaki Yuasa, Shinichiro Watanabe, Mahiro Maeda - New York Premiere.

Image © 2007 "Kamachop" Production Committee

KAMACHOP 10/16 (Thurs) - 7pm - Tribeca Cinemas - 80min.

KAMACHOP is director Anji Matsumoto's feature film debut. The film was made with a $6,000 budget and shows us the world of two young, baseball uniform wearing ghosts who've taken up residence in a Tokyo hotel room. Based off the "Myth of Sisyphus," this film promises to be philosophical and fun. Appearance by Matsumoto to follow screening - International Premiere.

Price: $10/screening
Phone: 1-866-55-TICKETS
At the door price: $13

NYU Cantor. 36 East 8 Street, NYC
Tribeca Cinemas. 54 Varick Street, NYC
Anthology Archives. 32 Second Avenue, NYC

For further information including trailers, interviews with directors and ticketing, please visit

*For reading through this e-mail, we'd like to thank you by offering the first TEN people free movie passes to this weekend's advanced premiere screening at NYU Cantor. Please send your name, age, and affiliation/school in an e-mail to film (at) newyork-tokyo (dot) com.*

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