Slamdance Celebrates 15 Years: Animation Films at Slamdance

Below you will find this year's selection of animation films screening at the Slamdance Film Festival 2009 in Park City, Utah.

Graeme Hawkins, Writer/Director/Producer
North American Premiere / 2008 / UK / 3 Minutes
The five senses through the eyes and imagination of a young boy.

The Adventures of Ledo and Ix
Emily Carmichael, Writer/Director
World Premiere / 2008 / USA / 5 Minutes
Two 8-bit video game characters confront the void.

Alice's Attic
Robyn Yannoukos, Writer/Director; Brian LoSchiavo, Writer.
World Premiere / 2008 / USA / 4 Minutes
A fragile Alice tries to overcome the fears that overwhelm her.

Dear Fatty
Hsin-I Tseng, Writer/Director
2008 / USA / 7 Minutes
A little girl writes a letter to her pet hamster Fatty.

ELA, In Love At First Byte
Fernando Sarmiento, Director/Producer; Alejandro Sarmiento and J.F. Mackeprang, Writers / North American Premiere / 2008 / Argentina / 11 Minutes
In an action packed adventure of epic proportions, we follow the final adventure of E.L.A. Young Warrior Princess, forced to finally face her darkest nemesis and save Earth from total destruction.

Flute Babies
Gretta Johnson, Writer/Director/Producer
Utah Premiere / 2008 / USA / 5 Minutes
A lonely alligator and an imaginative cat are introduced.

Woodpecker, Writer/Director/Producer
World Premiere / 2008 / Japan / 4 Minutes
The story of the mischief of the forest.

Kanizsa Hill
Evelyn Lee, Writer/Director
North American Premiere / 2008 / USA / 8 Minutes
A forgetful body desperately searches for his head as the two find themselves lost in an oasis of illusions.

Seeking You
Jean-Julien Pous, Writer/Director
North American Premiere / 2008 / Canada / 3 Minutes
A man wanders through the night in Hong Kong.
Swimming Moon
Nahomi Maki, Writer/Director/Producer
Utah Premiere / 2008 / USA / 4 Minutes
A being is driven to madness by the full moon, discovering a sensitive, beautiful, and deep dream world.

Martin Falconer, Writer/Director/Producer
International Premiere / 2008 / UK / 4 Minutes
A young fledgling makes an extraordinary first flight.

Trepan Hole
Andy Cahill, Writer/Director/Producer
2008 / USA / 6 Minutes
A film about spastic movement and concentric circles.

Hayley Morris, Writer/Director/Producer
Regional Premiere / 2008 / USA / 7 Minutes
An old man floats in the sea of his diminishing mind.

An Unquiet Mind
Chihwen Lo, Writer/Director/Producer
2008 / USA/Taiwan / 6 Minutes
A mercurial journey of mood swings and deep restlessness.

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