Shoujo Art Studio

Manga is the world's most popular visual art form, and 60% of Western manga readers and amateur artists are female. In Japanese, shoujo means “aimed at girls,” and SHOUJO ART STUDIO (Watson-Guptill, $25.99, on sale September 8th) is perfect for this vast audience. It encompasses the true meaning of the word shoujo, filling its pages with relationship- and character-driven anime. Whether you're telling a serialized soap opera about everyday teenage girls or members of a high-school swim team that transform into magical warriors fighting for love and justice, SHOUJO ART STUDIO covers these extremes—and more!

This brand-new book from renowned manga artist Yishan Li demonstrates the myriad ways that manga characters and background scenes can be personalized, adapted, and customized. Best yet, SHOUJO ART STUDIO reveals the secrets of manga storytelling, pacing, and panel and page composition through the CD that's included with the book. Thousands of different manga characters and accessories can be assembled by mixing and matching the layered PSD (electronic templates) files supplied. The accompanying CD includes everything the beginner needs, from page layouts and speech balloons to backgrounds, tones, and effects.

By using the line-art images included on the CD and following the simple step-by-step instructions, you will be able to create full-color manga illustrations and detailed shoujo story pages with ease. Whether you are an experienced artist or a manga novice, there is sure to be something here for you!

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