ZonaCon Announces Two New Guests and Two New Events

May 29, 2009 (Orlando, FL) - ZonaCon is pleased to announce two new guests, Richard Epcar and Ellyn Stern. As well as two new events "Wake Up The Dead Rave" and "Rave From The Grave."

RICHARD EPCAR is well known to Anime and game fans, starting with the original 'Robotech' series- in which he played 'BEN DIXON', 'LUNK', 'GREL', and now 'CAPT. VINCE GRANT', in the new original animated feature, 'Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles', which he also directed. He is the voice of 'BATOU' in all things 'Ghost in the Shell' including 'Ghost in the Shell 2-Innocence', which he also adapted and directed into English. Some games you've heard him on: 'Star Wars-Empire At War', 'Star Wars: Old Republic', 'Mortal Kombat vs. D.C. Universe as 'The JOKER' and 'RAIDEN', a new DC game in which he plays GREEN ARROW, 'Kingdom Hearts 2 and Chained Memories' as ANSEM / XEHANORT, 'Star Craft 2' as DARK TEMPLAR, 'Red Faction Guerilla', 'Xenosaga I, II and III as ZIGGARAT 8, 'Ace Combat 6', 'Guilty Gears II', '.Hack I, II and III', 'Blue Dragon', 'Naruto', 'Space Siege', 'Supreme Commander', 'Paraworld', 'Black Hawk Down', 'Robotech Invasion', 'Samurai Warriors', 'Dynasty Warriors', 'Warcraft III' and 'World of Warcraft', 'Fall of Liberty', 'Street Fighters', 'Dante's Inferno' and 'Star Ocean 1, 2, & 3' to name a few.

ELLYN STERN started in anime with the original 'Robotech' series- in which she played several characters. Most recently she can be heard as 'Yu's Mom' on 'Noein' and 'Jack's Mom' in Mar. She voiced 'Haraway' in 'Ghost in the Shell 2-Innocence'. She played 'Rosalind' in 'Armitage III', 'Himeno' in 'Fight!! Spirit of the Sword', 'Sayaka' in 'Mental Fighter Miku', 'Moru' in ' Vampire Princess Miyu' 'Hiroshi's Mom' in "Zenki', 'Zentrix', 'Mini Pato', 'Digimon', 'Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo','Parome' in 'Genma Wars', as well as several roles in 'Mobile Suit Gundam-The Movie Trilogy', 'Bushido Blade 2', 'Lupin the 3rd', 'Patlabor 3', and 'Fighting Spirit', to name just a few. You've heard her on 'Shadow Hearts II' as Veronica Vera and other characters. Other cartoons include "Wings of Honnesmise", 'Samurai X'. 'The Little Punk', Honey Bee Hutch', 'Wisdom of the Gnomes', 'Macross I, II, III', Tom Sawyer, Captain Schnauzer', Gigi' and many others. 'Aero Wings 1 and 2', 'Jade Cacoon', 'Super Magnetic Neo' and 'Galerians' are games she directed and also voiced. Other CD Rom games include 'Inherit The Earth' and 'Abby'.

Wake The Dead Rave & Rave From The Grave are both events brought to you by Club Zona. Friday night kicks off Club Zona with Ana Aesthetic's Original Fashion Show see the latest trends followed by Malice in Horror Land with Jessica Nova then we all begin to Wake Up The Dead Rave with DJ Mixxed Controll playing the best Club, House & Mash-Up. Saturday Night's Rave From The Grave bring your Nightmares , Zombies, Grave Robbers and Repo's if you dare. Miss Rose Lee & Raqs Attaq! Will start the evening off right. Followed by the exception and life affirming performance by The Royal Dead. Jessica Nova & her Zombie Troupe, GingerAnne, Michela and Princess Peach (Jeffrey) will invade the scene as the night kicks into overdrive with DJ Mixxed Controll at master control playing the best Jungle, Hardsound & Trance.

ZonaCon is an annual Japanese Animation ("Anime") & Horror Convention held in Orlando, FL. This year's convention is being held the weekend of November 20 - 22, 2009 at the Holiday Inn International Drive Resort. Pre-Registration is only $35 + tax. (Group Registration is available.) Hotels rooms are available at the low rate of $99 +tax a night.

For more information about ZonaCon please go to http://www.zonacon.com

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