Anime Celebrities Auction Autographed Memorabilia to Aid Injured Boy


HOUSTON, TX - September 18, 2009 --- Several industry notables have autographed numerous anime collectibles including posters, DVDs and postcards to be sold in an online auction to raise money for a Minnesota family who recently faced an unexpected, tragic situation.

On July 21, 2009, seven-year-old Ian Hoy was walking home from swimming lessons with his older brother, 13-year-old Patrick. They were at a crosswalk when Ian, believing it was safe to cross, was struck by a car causing massive internal wounds and traumatic brain injury. Now, almost two months later, after weeks in a coma and with a titanium plate now in his head, Ian has made incredible progress. He is re-learning how to do everything from walking and talking to dressing and feeding himself.
Thankfully, Ian's now on the road to recovery. Although dad, Stephen, is employed, Ian's mom, Robbi, has been at her son's side the entire time, unable to work. This situation has caused an incredible financial hardship on the family. The Hoys, longtime friends of Tiffany Grant (Evangelion, Chrono Crusade), are good, hard-working people who just need a little help in a difficult time. We hope this fundraiser can help get them through this rough patch and on to a brighter future. Please note that 100% of proceeds will go directly to the established fund to benefit Ian Hoy -- no actors or companies are keeping any of the profits.
To see Ian's whole story or get updates, read more here:

We have many fantastic items generously donated by FUNimation Entertainment, New Generation Pictures -- courtesy of Jonathan Klein (Hellsing, 3x3 Eyes) -- as well as a few things from Tiffany Grant's personal collection. Thanks to Carrie Savage (Ikki Tousen, XXXHOLiC) and Clarine Harp (Burst Angel, Negima!) who helped gather signatures. The sale begins this Sunday, September 20, at approximately 7pm CDT (GMT - 6hrs) and will run for one week. International bids are welcome. The auction is being hosted on eBay by Power Seller, Joe Grisaffi (Cyberteam in Akihabara, Saiyuki). This is a full list of available merchandise (more detailed descriptions are on each auction page):

• Hellsing Ultimate OVA series poster signed by Crispin Freeman (Alucard), KT Gray (Seras Victoria), Ralph Lister (Walter Dornez), Victoria Harwood (Integra), J. B. Blanc (Enrico Maxwell), Steven Brand (Alexander Anderson), Yuri Lowenthal (Pip), Patrick Seitz (Luke Valentine) and Taliesin Jaffe (Leif + Director/Writer for English Dub).
• Fullmetal Alchemist Season 1 box signed by Vic Mignogna (Ed Elric), Travis Willingham (Roy Mustang), Caitlin Glass (Winry), Wendy Powell (Envy), Tiffany Grant (Marta) and Jerry Jewell (Barry the Chopper).
• Haibane Renmei postcard signed by Carrie Savage (Rakka), Erika Weinstein (Reki), Kirsty Pape (Nemu), J. D. Stone (Dai), J-Ray Hochfield (Kuu), Hunter MacKenzie Austin (Hikari) and Michael McConnohie (The Communicator).
• Ikki Tousen mini-poster signed by Carrie Savage (Hakufu), Ted Sroka (Koukin), Robin Rhodpa (Ryofu), Willow Lane (Ryomou), Taliesin Axelrod (Kannei), Patrick Seitz (Taishiji), Hunter MacKenzie Austin (Kaku), Ivan Buckley (Gakoshu), Jen Sekiguchi (Chinkyu), Greg Weisman (Sousou), William Frederick (Choko), Michael McConnohie (Narrator) and Erica Shaffer who played “Kanu” but accidentally wrote “Harumi Chono” (her role in Paranoia Agent) under her signature!
• Burn Up! OVA mini-poster signed by Tiffany Grant (Maki) and Matt Greenfield (Director/Writer for English Dub).
• Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE: The Movie poster signed by Vic Mignogna (Fay Flourite), Carrie Savage (Mokona), Chris Ayres (Nanto), Greg Ayres (Masayoshi), Tiffany Grant (Lord Ashura) and Josh Grelle (Chaos).
• Paranoia Agent autograph board signed by Michael McConnohie (Detective Ikari), Liam O'Brien (Detective Maniwa), Carrie Savage (Maromi), T. Axelrod (Hatomura), Sam Regal (Little Slugger), Johnny Yong Bosch (Yuichi), Michelle Ruff (Tsukiko), Patrick Seitz (Zebra), Doug Stone (Kawazu), Erica Shaffer (Harumi Chono), Melodee Spevack (Misae Ikari), Jonathan Klein (Voice Director) and Kirsty Pape (Mrs. Kamohara) -- Kirsty is listed in the credits as “Mia Bradly.”
• Godannar Vol. 1 DVD signed by Greg Ayres (Shinobu), Tiffany Grant (Shizuru + scriptwriter) Matt Greenfield (ADR director & Producer) and Chris Ayres (Koji).
• The Wallflower Vol. 1 DVD signed by Josh Grelle (Kyohei), Greg Ayres (Yuki), Tiffany Grant (Auntie + scriptwriter) Matt Greenfield (Hiroshi + ADR director) and Chris Ayres (ADR director).
• R. O. D. - The TV - promo folder signed by Hunter MacKenzie Austin (Michelle), Hellena Taylor (Yomiko Readman/Agent Paper), J. D. Stone (Junior), Megan Harvey (Hisami) and Carrie Savage (Nancy Makuhari).
• Gatchaman postcard signed by Josh Grelle (G-6, Rufus, Minions), Tiffany Grant (Big Kid), Chris Ayres (Minions) and Greg Ayres (supporting).

Please note that some of these signatures are now pretty much impossible to get because some actors (Rachel Hirschfeld, Megan Harvey, J. D. Stone) are in still school and can't take time off to go to conventions. Others have become quite successful in mainstream TV & movies and no longer have time to attend anime cons: Yuri Lowenthal now works on Ben 10. Legion of Super Heroes and other major titles, and J. B. Blanc is busy filming TV shows like Raising the Bar and The Unit.
Additionally, most of these items are rare and out of print. All items - except the 2 DVDs and FMA box - are nicely framed and ready for display on your wall or desk.

ABOUT TIFFANY GRANT: An anime industry veteran with over 15 years experience and approximately 1000 episodes under her belt, Tiffany is very active in the anime convention community, attending about 20 cons per year. This is her first time organizing a charity auction, and she hopes it is successful.

Tiffany Grant

To bid on any of these items, please go to or visit and search for seller “hamburgerman.”

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