Tokyopop Presents: A Blazing List of Manga for Summer 2010

New manga from FRUITS BASKET creator Natsuki Takaya and the conclusions to Jim Henson's RETURN TO LABYRINTH and LEGENDS OF THE DARK CRYSTAL highlight a glorious summer for manga lovers

Los Angeles, CA (November 2, 2009) -- Tohru Honda's adventures may have come to a close with volume 23 of the bestselling shojo manga on Pekopon, but that doesn't mean the world of FRUITS BASKET is over. TOKYOPOP will shower bookstores in May with two offering from Natsuki Takaya. The second and final official fan book FRUITS BASKET BANQUET is a feast for anyone who wants to find out everything about Tohru, Kyo, Yuki, and the rest of the FURUBA gang (warning: spoilers abound!). Not to be outdone this month, TOKYOPOP presents MY SONG, YOUR SMILE, JUST BECAUSE: STORIES FROM THE CREATOR OF FRUITS BASKET*, filled with unforgettable tales from Takaya-sensei, including a side story to TSUBASA: THOSE WITH WINGS.

May also brings up the most amazing superhero: RATMAN by Sekihiro Inui, the creator of COMIC PARTY and MURDER PRINCESS. RATMAN tells the story of Shoto Katsuragi, who is a superhero fanatic. Unfortunately for him, he's too short to achieve his dream of becoming just like his idol, Mr. Thunder...That is, until he's tricked into participating in a mad science experiment!

The hot action continues with .HACK//LINK by Megane Kikuya, on sale in July. The World has been closed for three years following the events of .HACK//G.U., and no one is more excited for the release of The World R:X than Tokio Kuryuu. But little does Tokio know that his life will never been the same once he gets his hands on a copy!

Also in August comes the release of THE QUASAR OF STIGMATA by the bestselling artist of MY-HIME. QUASAR inspired the anime that will release in January 2010. The manga takes place in a near future, and follows the trials and tribulations of two students from a Japanese Eastern Orthodox school. The students and the whole school are confronted with an all-out war between the Church and the Adepts, a sect of powerful individuals. Filled with violence that's not for the faint of heart, the manga also takes a cue from MY-HIME with a liberal dose of fan service!

Rounding out the summer are two offerings from TOKYOPOP's bestselling publishing program with the Jim Henson Company. In the thrilling conclusion to LEGENDS OF THE DARK CRYSTAL, Lahr and Neffi travel to the crystal castle to rescue their friends and family. And in the stunning final volume of the New York Times Bestselling manga, RETURN TO LABYRINTH, will Toby be able to save the labyrinth and his kingdom?

And that's just a taste of things to come this summer. Check back with and for up-to-the-minute news.

*Title subject to change

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