Special A Collection 1 On Sale Today

Plus New J-Horror Film Nu-Meri ~ Book Of The New Spawn

HOUSTON, November 10, 2009 – Section23 Films, America's fastest-growing anime distributor, is pleased to announce two great new DVD releases for the North American home video market. First up we have Special A Collection 1, a hilarious new anime from Sentai Filmworks. At the other end of the spectrum is the live-action horror movie Nu-Meri ~ Book Of The New Spawn, released by Switchblade Pictures.

Special A Collection 1 assembles the first 12 episodes of the hit TV series, also known as “S.A.,” in a single two-DVD set. The series was first broadcast in Japan in April 2008 and has been widely anticipated by North American fans ever since.

SYNOPSIS: At age six, Hikari Hanazono was the best at everything, so when she challenged Kei Takishima to a wrestling match, she naturally assumed she would win. Unfortunately, she lost; he won; and the natural order was disrupted. Ever since, Hikari's entire life has been structured around beating Kei at SOMETHING. Unfortunately, try as she might, Hikari always comes up just short. Now he's the top student and athlete at their very exclusive high school and she's right beneath him at number two, (a position that is still, of course, completely unacceptable.) And, just to complicate matters further, even as Hikari dedicates her life to somehow one-upping Kei, she's completely oblivious to the fact that Kei is actually in love with her! Get ready for whole new level of ridiculously dysfunctional relationships as Boy Meets Girl inevitably turns into Boy Beats Girl in Special A – Collection 1!


Running Time: 300 min.

Age Rating: TV PG

Language: Japanese with English Subtitles


UPC: 814131011503

Published by: Sentai Filmworks

Distributed by: Section23 Films

Pre-Book Date: 10/13/2009

Street Date: 11/10/2009

Format: DVD

SRP: $39.98

Nu-Meri ~ Book Of The New Spawn is the latest addition to Swithcblade Pictures' ever-expanding library of live-action Japanese horror films. This time the action takes place by the sea, where the next step in human evolution is set to take place.

SYNOPSIS: There's something wrong at the Pacific Institute… something wrong and evil. For young Mari, whose family has worked in the fishing industry for generations, her studies in advanced genetics and marine bio-engineering represent not just her own the future, but that of her entire family. But when her friend Nanako is mysteriously discovered dead, Mari's dreams turn into her worst nightmares! Because not only was Nanako's body covered with fishbites, she was also growing scales! Now, as a new wave of deaths and tragedies engulf the Pacific team, it becomes all too clear that someone… something… has a new future in mind for all human kind. For centuries man has taken from the ocean, never dreaming what might lurk beneath the waves; now the revelation has begun… and this time, we're the sushi!


Running Time: 76 min.

Age Rating: Unrated - V

Language: Japanese with English Subtitles

CAT: SWB-0114

UPC: 814131011404

Published by: Switchblade Pictures

Distributed by: Section23 Films

Pre-Book Date: 10/13/2009

Street Date: 11/10/2009

Format: DVD

SRP: $19.98

About Section23 Films

Section23 Films provides home video marketing and distribution services for a variety of companies, including Sentai Filmworks, Switchblade Pictures, and AEsir Holdings. With its special focus on genre entertainment, Section23 Films distributes some of the very best anime, martial arts, and horror titles on the market today.

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