Saitone Takes Michael Jackson Back to 8Bit

Yokohama, Japan - November 16th, 2009. HearJapan is very excited to bring you news of two tantalizing tastes from two 8bit/chiptune masters.

First up, 8bit pioneer Saitone has just dropped two incredible new tracks in tribute to Michael Jackson. In the hands of Saitone, the funk of both "Thriller" and "Smooth Criminal" is taken to a new level of blips and razor sharp waves. It's a modern-day mash-up of the biggest icon of the '80s with one of the biggest names producing music using '80s technology.

Saitone and fellow chiptune duo JulieHally will be performing at DreamHack in Sweden. In addition to this new release from Saitone, HearJapan is also offering up another sampler of the new release from JulieHally on November 25th. Unlike Saitone's instrumental style, JulieHally combine their energizing 8bit rock with both male/female vocals sung in a robotic style.

With these two releases, you'll be transported directly into the collective consciousness of thousands of video game fans and surf on their cyber brain-waves. Also be on the lookout for Saitone's next original album which comes out on February 22, 2010!


Saitone - Thriller (Saitone 8bit tribute):

Saitone - Smooth Criminal (Saitone 8bit tribute)

JulieHally - 256 e.p.

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