The English Version Site of Digital Comics Rental Service 'Renta!' Begins

Papyless Ltd. (The address: Toshima Ward, Tokyo/ CEO:Mikio Amaya) released service for all parts of the world in the digital book rental service 'Renta!' ( in cooperation with e-commerce site 'CDJapan' ( that NeoWing Ltd. managed.

Papyless is the first company in Japan that sold the digital book by download. Papyless Ltd. established 'Papyless' ( in November, 1995. And, Papyless Ltd. began digital Comics rental for Japan service 'Renta!' in 2007.

This time, Papyless Ltd. cooperated with e-commerce site 'CDJapan' that NeoWing Ltd. managed. E-commerce site 'CDJapan' sells POP culture commerce material in Japan for all parts of the world. And, digital Comics rental site 'Renta!' began the content delivery for all parts of the world.

The digital comics delivery service 'Renta!' is offered in cooperation with 'CDJapan' for the user in all parts of the world in which it is interested in Comics・ANIME. The WEB site of 'Renta!' was translated into English and it cooperated with 'CDJapan' in user ID for that. The user of CDJapan can use it without the new member registration.

The rental price of contents is the same as it in Japan. The user can borrow one volume of digital Comic by paying 100 yen or any more, and can been borrowing for 48 hours. At first of the service beginning, only comics written in Japanese are offered. 'Renta' will provide service for the Anglophone consumer who can read Japanese Comics.

We examine the offer of translated contents if necessary. About 3000 digital Comics already exist, and it is added one by one later.

Example of contents
[genre]shonen(Boys), shojo(Girls), men, Young ladies, ladies, Teen's love, Yaoi(BL), etc. [title]Astro Boy (Osamu Tezuka), Mamotte Shugogetten! (Minene Sakurano), J no subete (Asumiko Nakamura), Itazura na Kiss (Kaoru Tada), etc.

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