KDDI, Kadokawa Group and Up-Front Group Present Kaito Reinya

KDDI x KADOKAWA GROUP x UP-FRONT GROUP are starting a TV anime series [KAITO REINYA] from Jan 8th 2010. (Friday 24:50~on air @ KBC[Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting]). 12 episodes will be on air and will be available @ KDDI LISMO Video Store/MOVIE SPLASH.

And of course, Reina Tanaka (Morning Musume) is the voice artist for [Reinya] the main character. The amazing production staff includes [Something Yoshimatsu (Takahiro Yoshimatsu)] (Trigun, Slayers and more), [Seiji Mizushima](Gundam 00, Shaman King and more) and [Kenichi Kanemaki] (Negima!?, Jigoku Shoujyo and more)

The four frame comic strips are now appearing serially in the Kadokawa magazines (Monthly and Weekly The Television, NewType, Comptiq and Shonen Ace)

“Reinya” has two different characters. She works at a convenience store “Faminya” as “Reina” in the daytime, but becomes “Reinya the phantom thief” at night! With her follower “Chu-Taro,” a pursuing police inspector, the detective and a cute police woman Nocchi, together it brings comical and surreal short stories!! (PC/Mobile)

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