JapanFiles Announces Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa Giveaway Promotion

November 30, 2009 – To celebrate the release of the new Nitroplus soundtrack "FULL METAL DAEMON: MURAMASA," JapanFiles is sponsoring a giveaway for worldwide fans of the Japanese game studio.

During the month of December, JapanFiles is giving away over $500 in free music downloads, plus limited edition Japanese promotional items and import CDs from Nitroplus artists including Kanako Ito.

Fans can download the 44-track double CD soundtrack "Jyaaku Sengen Soukou Akki Muramasa" for only $9.90 each disk from the JapanFiles Digital Music Store. The 6-track "FULL METAL DAEMON: MURAMASA Theme Song" Maxi-Single is also available.


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1. Purchase any single track or album from Nitroplus artists at the JapanFiles Digital Music Store from December 1 - December 20, 2009 to be entered in the drawing.
2. Fans may enter as many times as they want. Prizes are limited to one winner per physical mailing address.
3. This contest is available to fans worldwide.
4. Winners will be chosen at random on December 20, 2009 and notified via e-mail.

Eligible artists and soundtracks include:
Kanako Ito - http://www.japanfiles.com/kanakoito
Kazuhiro Watanabe - http://www.japanfiles.com/kazuhirowatanabe
DJ SADOI - http://www.japanfiles.com/djsadoi
Pale Green - http://www.japanfiles.com/palegreen
Curriculumachine - http://www.japanfiles.com/curriculumachine
W.K.T.B. - http://www.japanfiles.com/wktb

Angelos Armas (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/angelosarmas/
CARNEVALE DELLA LUCE DELLA LUNA (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/carnevale/
Chaos Gate / Zingai Makyou (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/chaosgate/
Deus Machina Demonbane (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/deusmachinademonbane/
Dra+KoI (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/drakoi/
FULL METAL DAEMON: MURAMASA (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/fmdmuramasa/
HANACHIRASU (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/hanachirasu/
Hello, world (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/helloworld/
Kishin Hishou Demonbane (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/kishinhishoudemonbane/
Kishin Houkou Demonbane (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/kishinhoukoudemonbane/
Lamento (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/lamento/
NITRO SUPER SONIC - http://www.japanfiles.com/nitrosupersonic/
Phantom of Inferno (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/phantomofinferno/
SONG OF SAYA (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/songofsaya/
Star Mine Girl / Sumaga (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/starminegirl/
SUMAGA SPECIAL (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/sumagaspecial/
sweet pool (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/sweetpool/
The Cyber Slayer / Kikokugai (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/thecyberslayer/
Togainu no Chi / True Blood (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/trueblood/
Tre Donne Crudeli (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/tredonnecrudeli/
Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia (soundtrack) - http://www.japanfiles.com/vampirdzhija/

Grand Prize (1 winner):
FULL METAL DAEMON: MURAMASA Maxi-Single (Import CD from Japan)
FULL METAL DAEMON: MURAMASA 32-page Limited Edition Japanese promotion booklet
100 credits in free downloads from the JapanFiles Digital Music Store
Set of Japanese Import CDs from Nitroplus artists:
- Kanako Ito "STARGATE"
- DJ SADOI "Nitrous Oxide Tune DEMONBANE"
- Pale Green "Whisper In My Heart"
- sweet pool Drama CD "everblue tracks"
- Kishin Hishou Demonbane Original Soundtrack "Fabula Adamas"
- The Chiral Night meets sweet pool Live DVD (Region 2 DVD)

Runners-Up (10 winners):
FULL METAL DAEMON: MURAMASA 32-page Japanese promotion booklet
50 credits in free downloads from the JapanFiles Digital Music Store

Supporting Japanese artists since 2004, JapanFiles specializes in digital sales and media promotion for Japanese music, with over 400 indie and major artists reaching their USA fans - rock, pop, hip-hop, punk, and electronic. All downloads are DRM-free and only 99 cents each.

JapanFiles has sponsored Japanese artist appearances at Sakura-Con, Anime Boston, A-Kon, FanimeCon, Anime Mid-Atlantic, Pacific Media Expo, Anime Vegas, Animex (Mexico), SXSW, Slim's (San Francisco), and Knitting Factory (New York City).

JapanFiles has produced 18 USA CD releases for Japanese artists, including Morning Musume, girugamesh, LM.C, Hangry & Angry, ketchup mania, Swinging Popsicle, LiN CLOVER, Budo Grape, BESPA KUMAMERO, and three volumes of the “Fresh Cuts from Japan” compilation series.

JapanFiles Digital Music Store: http://www.japanfiles.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/japanfiles
LiveJournal: http://japanfiles.livejournal.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/japanfiles

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