Announces Anime and Manga Database

IOWA CITY - 12-29-2009 - MaiOtaku, the newest and fastest growing fan-made otaku social network and dating website, is excited to announce a new anime & manga database feature open for public beta today.

The database allows anime fans to keep a public list of the anime they've watched, which also will allow MaiOtaku to do a better job of pairing them with anime fans of the same interests. The database currently contains only a handful of the most popular anime titles, but MaiOtaku's developers say that it is currently being expanded by a team of volunteers.

“There are hundreds of thousands, millions once you include OVAs and manga, of titles out there,” said Ryan Kopf, senior developer of MaiOtaku. “We'll be adding more every day for a while.”

The anime & manga database will give users the opportunity to learn more about each other and what kind of anime they are interested in. MaiOtaku also emphasizes the database's use for finding legal anime to watch, with links to websites such as Hulu and Amazon.

“It's great to add a title you are currently planning to watch and finding out that it's on Crunchyroll,” said Kopf.

MaiOtaku users can already keep a list of anime conventions they've attended, and the anime list is a natural extension of that idea. Users can keep track of convention attendances and even find convention roommates with the current system.

About MaiOtaku is a unique social network and dating website for anime fans, launched in 2009. Users can keep lists of conventions attended, anime watched, manga read, along with freely communicating with other users through public comments and private messages all for free. On average nine new users join MaiOtaku every day.

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