Production I.G and Bungaku Shojo Partners Announce “Bungaku Shojo” (Book Girl~The Literature Girl~) the Movie

It's A Visionary Collaboration! The Popular Light Novel Series Is Now An Animated Feature Film.

TOKYO, JPN – January 06, 2010 - T.O Entertainment, Inc., in conjunction with Production I.G and Enterbrain, Inc, is pleased to announce the long awaited, full-length animated feature film of “Bungaku Shojo” based on the extremely popular light novel series by Mizuki Nomura.

The movie itself is planned to be a youthful mystery that incorporates references a multitude of literary masterpieces from a variety of different times, places and genres:

“It was on that day when I met her, beneath the pure white blooms of the Magnolia―”
Freshman Konoha Inoue has just started school when he finds a girl sitting peacefully under the Magnolia blossoms. To his fascination, he sees the girl actually tear off a page from the book she is reading and... eat it. The girl, Toko Amano, is actually Seijo Academy's Literary Club President. Somewhat to his shock, she tells him in a way that brooks no argument that he is now a club member.
A year later, the now Sophomore Konoha, is writing one of Toko's daily “snacks” when a “Romance Consulting” post box that Toko had put up finally nets a request... or does it? Join in as the story takes an unexpected turn, suddenly unfolding into a mystery of unforeseen consequences... with Konoha and Toko at the heart of it! Yet what kind of story will the myriad relations of the characters ultimately spin.

The movie will release in theaters throughout Japan during Golden Week, 2010. As a compilation of the original series a new plan called “Bungaku Shojo”(BOOK GIRL~the Literature Girl~) Project Memoire has also been announced. Stay tuned for additional media being introduced under Project Memoire.

ABOUT T.O ENTERTAINMENT: Since its inception in 2003, T.O Entertainment has maintained a very internationally oriented focus, with branch offices located in South Korea, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Russia. The company has introduced multiple anime series (“Strait Jacket”, “Polyphonica”, “Macademi Wasshoi!”, “Umi Monogatari”, “Sasameki Koto” etc) and full-length films (“King Of Tokyo”, “EggMan”, “RoboGeisha”, etc) with the goal of bringing various forms of Japanese entertainment to the rest of the world.

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