The Digital Comics Rental Service 'Renta!' Adds New "Manga" Contents

"Renta!" is a site providing the service of digital "Manga" rental. The rental price of contents is the same as it in Japan. The user can borrow one volume of digital "Manga" by paying 100 yen or any more, and can been borrowing for 48 hours.

"Renta!" added new contents on April 8.
78 volumes (54 titles) were added.
The list of contents is located at the following URL.

Typical contents:
b-boy Cube April 2010 "Hatsujogijinka" Special Edition
[author]CJ Michalski : Koito Akiyama : Shinobu Aion : Rinko Ayase : Miruku Jinnai : Yuko Kase : Prin & Umi Konbu : Miya Ikushima
[publisher]Libre Publishing
[Teen's LOVE]
Love is a thrilling , shocking , and suspense (koihasurirusyokkusasupensu)
[author]Piere Yamamoto
Let's play with "Konno-san" FINAL (konnosantoasobou)
[author]Hiroyuki Yasuda
Comic of Grimm Fairy Tale "Kinpeibai" Vol.12
[author]Mami Takezaki
Beast warrior (majuusenshi)
[author]Yuu Matsuhisa

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