T.O Entertainment and Denyuden Partners Announce a New Anti-Heroic Television Series - “Densetsu No Yuusha No Densetsu,” The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes

TOKYO, JPN – April 13, 2010 - T.O Entertainment, Inc., in conjunction with Studio ZEXCS and Fujimishobo, are pleased to announce a new animated television series, “The Legend of the Legendary Heroes” based on the long-running popular light novel series, Densetsu no Yusha no Densetsu by Takaya Kagami.

Ryner Lute, the detested bearer of the Demon Eye, “Alpha Stigma” has lost sight his reason to live.

Sion Astal, a descendant of the Royal Family, is scorned by the nobility due to his mother's plebian roots.

When this unlikely pair team up, they turn the world on its head, as they plot to free the Roland Empire from its state of corruption. In the wake of revolution, Sion begins his rule on the throne by sending Ryner on a quest to look for the “Heroic Relics” of legend using the report he had written during his incarceration as a guide. Sion orders the eldest daughter of the Eris “House of Swords,” Ferris Eris accompany him...as his keeper.

The pairing of Ryner, who is extremely unmotivated and apathetic, with Ferris, a pugnacious woman of unsurpassed beauty, is a match made in hell. However, as the pair pass through multiple countries in their search for Heroic Relics, they gradually gain a mutual respect for each other as partners. Meanwhile, Sion tracks their progress from the Roland Empire, as he struggles to deal with internal dissonance from Roland's nobility, and issues arising from various international conflicts.

Yet as time passes, Ryner and Sion find that their goals and mindsets begin to differ.

Will Ryner's dream of creating a peaceful country “of naps and laughter” ever be realized...?

The series, being slated as an Anti-Heroic Fantasy” is being directed by Itsuro Kawasaki (Sengoku Basara) and is due to broadcast in Japan in Summer of 2010. An English subtitled trailer has been released on Youtube.

ABOUT Your browser may not support display of this image. T.O ENTERTAINMENT: Since its inception in 2003, T.O Entertainment has maintained a very internationally oriented focus, with branch offices located in South Korea, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Russia. The company has introduced multiple anime series (“Strait Jacket”, “Polyphonica”, “Macademi Wasshoi!”, “Umi Monogatari”, “Sasameki Koto” etc) and full-length films (“Bungaku Shoujo”, “EggMan”, “RoboGeisha”, etc) with the goal of bringing various forms of Japanese entertainment to the rest of the world.

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