Momo-i Night Fest 2010

Momo-I Night Fest is a tribute dedicated to the 10 years of The Queen of Akihabara, Momoi Halko's, debut.

ChibiFest Las Vegas was born in 2006 and was the first J-POP and anime music festival in Las Vegas. It helped open many doors to new found talents in the genre of J-POP and J-Rock in the US. It became one of the most important events in the state of Nevada and it's neighboring states, helping it to continue throughout the years of '07 and '08.

Two years later, the founder and director of ChibiFest has comeback with a new project much greater. Similar to the Ozzifest in the world of rock, this is the first festival in America to be based on a Japanese Idol. That is how Momo-I Night Fest, the tribute to the Queen of Akihabara, was born. Momoi Haruko, the internationally known Idol, will be the guest of honor. Momoi was chosen due to her talents in voice acting, singing and composing her own music. As well as her appearances in many anime and video games, Momoi was also the creator of the maid cafe's and is a delighting cosplayer.

Momo-I Night Fest is an event that will also open doors to the culture of otaku in all of its genres; music, cosplay, anime, maid café and wotagei. The opening events will be considering of these excellent guests whom represent the culture of Japanese music in the US; the talented voice actress Cristina Vee and the famous AX Idol Pamela Moss with her band Makenai. In addition, the presence of the number 1 maid café in the US known as the Animaids and great star Momoi Haruko!

Momo-I Night Fest is a project that was brought together by the best otaku in 3 different countries; USA, Mexico and Japan to create the perfect and innovating event!

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