Traffic Surges at ViViD TV Live Stream With Over 30,000 Viewers

ViViD, the vigorous new rock band of Japan's indies industry, attended the new genre program “ViViD TV” (produced by MJP TV) on June 27th, to celebrate their first performance on JAPAN EXPO, one of the biggest event in Paris, France, and set a new record of the simultaneous viewership from JAPAN.

Planned and produced by MJP TV, ViViD TV is a world-wide live broadcast program via USTREAM, and has become a hot topic as soon as the information released. Large quantity of traffic came right after the program on air. Moreover, more than 30,000 audiences from 87 countries have watched the program as a result.

Meanwhile, there were 16 different languages used on the social stream. The number of simultaneous viewership from Japan was the highest ever, while the 5th place in the world, as the band is taking over the world by storm.

According to the question “In which country do you want to hold a live concert?”, raised by the audience, members replied with “Brazil” right after which the social stream was filled with a great many requests from the fans all over the world!! ViViD, just as popular as shown, will be soon performing on JAPAN EXPO as the representative of Japan.

In addition, their new single “PRECIOUS” will be releasing on July 7th, and is currently available for download on websites such as Recochoku.

They are also preparing for the one-man live concert at SHIBUYA-AX in Tokyo on August 8th. ViViD, with amazing acceleration of growth, definitely deserve more attention from now on!

Last but not least, MJP TV will continue providing live programs as ViViD TV in the future. Find detail information at MJP(, or follow MJP's official twitter ( and MJP Facebook page (

*Single Information

“PRECIOUS” July 7th 2010 on sale

[First press edition A] Limited 3,000 copies

Track: 1. PRECIOUS / 2. Bright red garden


PSIM-40001.2/\1,890 (tax-in)

Selling Agency: PS COMPANY Co.,Ltd. / Distribution Source: Sony Music Distribution Inc.

[First press edition B] Limited 3,000 copies

Track: 1. PRECIOUS / 2. Bright red garden / 3. survive

20-page booklet with new photos included

PSIM-40003/\1,890 (tax-in)

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[Normal edition]

Track: 1. PRECIOUS / 2. Bright red garden / 3. Akujo♂Tricky

PSIM-40004/\1,575 (tax-in)

Selling Agency: PS COMPANY Co.,Ltd. / Distribution Source: Sony Music Distribution

*Live Information


“Day of Awaking”

Date: August 8th, 2010 (Sun.) OPEN: 16:30 / 17:30




Formed in April 2009, ViViD is a five-man band with Shin (Vo.), Reno (Gt.), Ryoga (Gt.), Ivu (Ba.) and Ko-ki (Dr.)

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ViViD Official MySpace:
*JAPAN EXPO 2010 Official Website

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