New Video is pleased to announce that CODE LYOKO season 1 has just gone live on iTunes!

Students Yumi, Jeremy, Odd and Ulrich stumble across a large Supercomputer in an old factory by their school. They soon discover that the computer houses an alternate world, Lyoko, and that by using computer controls they can transport themselves into this virtual universe. Once inside, they meet a virtual humanoid girl named Aelita who relays the story of X.A.N.A., a sentient virus that has infected the Supercomputer and threatens to destroy Lyoko and ultimately control the Earth. They spend four seasons battling the elusive X.A.N.A., developing new methods and technologies for entering in and out this alternate universe and protecting their classmates, teachers and the world as they know it. Audiences, meanwhile, hang on with anticipation as the question looms- can our heroes put an end to the treat of X.A.N.A.? One thing is certain: they are ready to risk everything to win.

This French animated series first debuted in France in 2003, then in the U.S. in 2004. All four seasons were broadcast on Cartoon Network. Winner of the prestigious French Prix de l'Export 2006 award for animation. Voted best show by France's Canal J viewers, as well as rated one of Cartoon Network's top shows, CODE LYOKO spurring a full product line including apparel, DVDs, a 2006 Marvel Toys line of toys and action figures, and 2007 Carl's Jr. meal toy. Nintendo DS, PlayStation2 and Wii games were developed in 2007 and 2008 by Game Factory.

CODE LYOKO: SEASON 1 now available on iTunes:

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CODE LYOKO: SEASON 2 &3 Available November 29th ; CODE LYOKO: SEASON 4 Available January 10th

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