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World's 1st Digital Manga Magazine Comicloud is Available on Android Market

TOKYO, Japan (December 5, 2010) - BookLOUD, publisher of COMICLOUD, the world's first manga magazine dedicated solely to an e-publishing format, released the latest issue of COMICLOUD on Google's Android Market. The COMICLOUD Android edition is published as two version, English and Japanese. Due to the Androbook, the e-publishing service for the Android platform developed by Fukuyuki Murakami, CEO of CRAZYWORK, Inc. (http://crazyworks.jp/), it has better visual quality and usability. The combined issue of COMICLOUD (English and Japanese) is also available on Amazon Kindle platform. Users can buy the magazine through Kindle, Kindle DX, and Kindle applications for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc.

COMICLOUD Volume 1, Number 3 carries the following four manga:

SEPARATE (by Shintaro Kago):
Shintaro Kago, who is well-known among manga maniacs, made another earthquake on the manga world! In the year 20XX mankind successfully develops a “body separation technology”. People's lives changed drastically as the upper body half can do intellectual work, while the lower body half carries out physical labor. But then the number of crimes involving lower body halves rises sharply. The police try to catch the criminals and continue their investigations, but they have no clue about the criminals at all. The police are always one step behind. Just who in the world is the real criminal behind these incidents?

QUADRIFOGLIO 2 (by Takeshi Okamoto):
A sacred place for Alfistas, QUADRIFOGLIO, has reached another height. Yotsuba's apprehension remains as the race begins and Tastuya, the club captain, refuses to listen to her plea call it off. Chloe seems to have the race in hand at first, but then her engine blows just as Yotsuba foresaw. The Renault, coming within a hair's breadth of an accident, is damaged and taken back to Quadrifoglio for repairs. A week later, Chloe comes back to the clubhouse and makes a startling declaration to the members!

Ran and her bio-loader successfully foiled the plans of the cyborg soldiers. But Chief of Staff Asakura transforms into his oni form and attacks Ran and her bio-loader. Facing such unbelievably strong oni power the bio-loader is wounded all over the body. Can Ran and her bio-loader escape from this dangerous situation? The first chapter of the fantastic story is now at the climax!

The RA-Phone (RAP) allows the user to download another person's abilities as an app and use them for oneself. Heinous crimes are committed with counterfeit RAPs, leaving no trace behind. Ray the bounty hunter infiltrates the scene of a counterfeit RAP deal and chases down a bank-robbing kingpin. The ensuing showdown seems to be stalemated after the kingpin calls an app with the latest counterfeit RAP model. Will Ray find a way to win? A new heroic epic begins!

Bang IPPONGI's Diary of a Manga Artist (by Bang IPPONGI):
Bang-chan is a manga artist through and through. She's a big lump of curiosity.
• This time a friend from America comes to visit her, but the customs take away his cancer painkillers. So Bang-chan stands up to do something, but the wall of the law is high and things just don't go very well. Is there a solution to her friend's problems?

Product Details
Print Length: 174 (Kindle edition), 88 (Android edition, English), 88 (Android edition, Japanese) Price: US$4.99 (Kindle edition, users may be requested to pay an additional transmission fee to download.), JPY400 (Android edition, automatically changed into other currencies) Language: English (Japanese version bundled in the Kindle edition) and Japanese

BOOKLOUD was founded on January 26, 2010 as an e-book publishing group and will become a private company in early 2011. COMICLOUD Volume 1, Number 1, the world's first manga e-magazine, was released on July 30, 2010 and is available for Kindle, Kindle DX and Kindle applications for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. BOOKLOUD has launched a website for COMICLOUD at http://www.comicloud.net/. BOOKLOUD uses two Twitter accounts: @comicloud (mainly Japanese) and @BookLOUD (mainly English).

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