Anime Midstream Announces Matchless Raijin-Oh Volume 3 Release

ST. LOUIS, MO – July 5, 2011 - Anime Midstream Inc. announced today that Matchless Raijin-Oh DVD Volume 3 will be available for release on July 12th. The third volume includes episodes 11 through 15 of the 51 episode series in both English Language and Japanese Language with English Subtitles along with DVD extras. The DVD will be available at Anime Midstream's website and other online stores.

When evil rears its ugly head, the Earth Defense Class is there to save the day with the help of their matchless super robot, Raijin-Oh! However, when these children are not facing off against threats to the Earth's continued prosperity, they must tackle a far greater concern, the challenge of everyday life! But in a world where even stuffed animals can be turned into rampaging horrors, you can bet the Jaku Empire will always be there to make matters worse. It's sink or swim as the children must work to beat the summer heat and with a monster that gives a whole new definition to kidnapping on the loose! Does Class 5-3 have time to maintain the peace and still win a not so friendly game of baseball?!

Matchless Raijin-Oh is a 51 episode Japanese anime television series, and the first series produced for the Eldoran franchise funded by Tomy and produced by Sunrise. It aired in Japan from April 3, 1991 to March 25, 1992. The story revolves around a group of elementary school children who are given command of a mecha named Raijin-Oh and their efforts to defend the Earth from the evil Jaku Empire.

About Anime Midstream, Inc.
Anime Midstream is a multimedia company located in Saint Louis, Missouri. Anime Midstream's vision is to bring a wide range of titles to the American audience, from more recent works that have just been released in Japan to titles that were produced in the late 1980s and 1990s that have greatly influenced the various series we see today. Please visit our website at

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