Nekocon Announces Featured Panelist Line Up and BJD Artist Donn Kinney!

Nekocon is proud to welcome Donn Kinney as a guest this year. Donn began his career working in puppetry with his first art-related job in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 creature shop. After Ninja Turtles, Donn worked on several national and international puppet projects including The Fox Cubhouse, a combination of three shows produced by the Jim Henson company, Film Australia and DIC Entertainment. On a stroll through the artists alley while attending Otakon in the summer of 2003, he was accidentally introduced to BJDs and was instantly inspired. Within the next year, and after much experimentation, he had created his first BJD sculpt and founded Bishonen House. Nekocon is excited to see what paneling Donn is bringing this year and his experience with BJDs!

Nekocon welcomes it's 2011 Featured panelists Garth Graham, Danny Kang, Charles Dunbar, Zhao Chen & Rukan Shao, and Lord Ramirez.

They will be offering attendees panels ranging from steampunk history, to the physics of anime taught by actual Physicists, to the anthropology of Otaku! Make sure to check out the Featuerd Panelist section of the website for all the details.

Remember for all the latest Neko information check out where you'll find more on our Guests and Featured Panelists, Nekocon Road Show appearance dates, and information about our mascots! Also find us on Facebook & Twitter!

Nekocon 14, 2011 Hampton, VA

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