Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012 To Be Held

Business Days: March 22 (Thu) - 23 (Fri), 2012

Public Days: March 24 (Sat) - 25 (Sun), 2012

TOKYO BIG SIGHT (East Exhibition Halls No. 1, 2, 3 and others.) The Tokyo International Anime Fair Executive Committee (Chairman: Shintaro Ishihara, Governor of Tokyo) will host the “Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012”, one of the largest anime-related events in the world, at Tokyo Big Sight from Thursday March 22th to Sunday March 25th , 2012. This fair is a large event in which anime-related companies and organizations, such as production companies, TV and film companies, toy and game software companies will gather from both Japan and overseas. This year's fair is the tenth in the annual series.

Under the main theme of disaster recovery, anime charity auctions and support events will take place, marking the one year since the disaster struck the Tohoku region. Events and performances for families with children are planned, as well as internationally diverse displays by the international exhibitors. Here are some highlights of the International Anime Fair that will allow both adults and children to enjoy the cultures of animation from Japan and abroad.

- Highlights of TAF 2012 - Exhibitions by over 200 companies and organizations from Japan and overseas! More than 186 anime-related companies and organizations (456 booths) including 65 overseas companies (75 booths), will exhibit at the Tokyo International Anime Fair (as at 13 February, 2012). Various events are scheduled to take place, including PR events for businesses in the anime industry on Business Days, and performance events inviting Anime-song singers, voice actors and actors–in-costume on Public Days. These events attract a large number of visitors every year. In addition, new anime TV series scheduled to start from this April and new big screen works will be promoted in various booths and on the stage.

Disaster recovery through Anime The 2012 fair will be held just about one year after the Great Tohoku Earthquake. Since the fall of 2011, The Tokyo international Anime Fair Executive Committee has organized many events in the Tohoku region to support recovery and will hold many more during the fair as well. Specifically, contents from the Tohoku region will be featured, companies from the region will be invited to exhibit, and charity auctions are planned. Through the introduction of characters from the Tohoku region, displays of Tohoku characters goods, the presence of Tohoku anime related companies and events, and the related booth displays, the Tohoku region will be supported while a charity auction will be held to support the reconstruction efforts.

Which work will win the “Tokyo Anime Award” this year!? Held for the 11th time, The “Tokyo Anime Award is an anime competition featuring two categories: “Nomination Entries” for commercial anime aired, screened and sold in Japan over the past year, and “Open Entries” targeted at general entrants including those from overseas, and to seek out new talent. Those chosen as the best works will be awarded various prizes and an awards ceremony will take place at the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012. This Award ceremony will also include the presentation of the 11th “Award of Merit” held to honor people contributing to the development of the animation industry. 382 entries have been nominated in the open category including 286 from overseas. Thewinners of the 8th edition are listed in the following chart.

Section Recipient Representative Works
Producer Ippe Kuri (born Toyoharu Yoshida) Gatchaman, The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee
Scriptwriter Haruya Yamazaki *the deceased Giants Star, Kinnikuman
Director Osamu Dezaki *the deceased Tomorrow's Joe, Aim for the Ace! , The Rose of Versailles
Character Designer, Animation Director/td> Akio Sugino Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion
Art Director Mitsuki Nakamura *the deceased Mobile Suit Gundam, Nausicaa Valley Of The Wind
Director of photography Jiro Yoshimura Doggie March, Little Norse Prince
Sound Creator Mitsuru Kashiwabara Doraemon (Nobita and the Galaxy Super-Express, Nobita and the Kingdom of Clouds)
Composer Michiaki Watanabe Masked Rider Black, Mazinger Z
Voice actor Masako Nozawa DRAGON BALL(Son Goku), GeGeGe no Kitaro

Various Events on stage and Symposium featuring celebrities from all over the world!

During the public days, all 28 members of Precure will gather on stage to the great excitement of the female audience. The stage will also be packed with events catering to families. During the business days, a symposium is being organized featuring panelists at the forefront of the anime industry across the world. We hope you will enjoy our rich program of stage events. Details of the stage events program will be made available as soon as confirmed.

【Trade Fair topics】 Offering an international setting to have business discussions with visiting foreign buyers from every country as well as a venue to promote new products to the general audience, the trade fair, which will feature 186 companies in over 456 booths, aims to contribute to the general development of the anime industry. As for topics, the trade fair will specifically introduce five companies among the Japanese exhibitors and 3 companies from the foreign delegation. 8 organizations from various countries or regions are also exhibiting in the Embassy zone, making the trade fair a truly international event.

■ Exhibition of the popular 「Mobile Suit Gundam AGE」and「TIGER & BUNNY」 Exhibitor : SUNRISE・Bandai Co.,Ltd.・BANDAI VISUAL CO., LTD. Exhibition of very popular anime, -“Mobile Suit Gundam AGE”, aired on MBS and TBS channels since October 2011- as a new release.“Mobile Suit Gundam AGE“ is well known among elementary school students. These shows have been delivered free-online to 29 Asian countries and regions, and have been drawing attention both, inside and outside of Japan. In addition, ”TIGER & BUNNY“ was very popular when it was first aired from April to September 2011. The company plans to release a theatrical version in Octorber 2012, which the fans will definitely enjoy.

■ Performance by Characters from the movie “Precure All Stars”,and exhibition of New theatrical release from May 19th “Rainbow-Colored Fireflies: The Eternal Summer Vacation” etc. Exhibitor: Toei Company Ltd., Toei Video Co., Ltd., Toei Animation Co., Ltd. “Rainbow-Colored Fireflies: The Eternal Summer Vacation” is about “a boy's growth” and “emotional ties between people.” It brings back memories and sense of pathos, and will be a moving fantasy-story. It will begin showing in theaters on May 19th . Toei Company will release behind-the-scenes content and materials. In addition, there will be performances by characters from the new movie “Precure All Stars New Stage- MIRAI NO TOMODACHI-” and fans will have an opportunity to get to know the characters

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