Berserk New Releases- Art of War Releasing Guts Statues

19th May 2012, Tokyo, Japan –ART OF WAR has released the “Guts: The Battle for Doldrey/ 1:10 scale”.

“Guts: The Battle for Doldrey” was one of the most popular statues sold by Art of War about fifteen years ago. Art of War's artisans have now recreated this piece reaching a whole new level of reproduction skill not possible fifteen years ago. To emphasize the movement of speed in his ride, Art of War not only showed a clear contrast between light and shade at the mantle that flies in the wind, but Art of War also added dust effects on his body, his outfit and even his horse to provide a strong accent point for the overall design. This item is no doubt one of the most monumental creations among the many Berserk products Art of War have ever produced.

You will also be surprised at the high level of detail in Guts. Every feature is well represented. Art of War added blood effects on the right hand side of his body and the sword in order to represent a battle field heavy with action. Art of War used a different shade of silver to represent the armor and give it a metallic like luster. You can also see dust effects on the armor and the helmet. The complexity of the paint application makes this statue lifelike.

“Guts: The Battle for Doldrey/ 1:10 scale” is 60,000 Japanese Yen (about US$756), limited to only 100 pieces. Guts statues are estimated to be released at the end of July or early August 2012. And the the second Berserk movie, “Berserk Golden Age Arc II: The Battle for Doldrey”, will be released in Japan on June 23. This is a great opportunity to pre-order one Guts statue now.

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