Introducing Hoshino Sora Anime Karaoke Master

Introducing Karaoke Android, 星乃ソラ(Hoshino Sora)

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Hoshino Sora is an ordinal Japanese girl next door who loves Yomiuri Giants and Tendon. But, when she hears someone singing Anime songs, her natural talent kicks in. She can't hold herself, but puts herself in the AKB like school uniform/maid outfit and dances as if she was on the Harajuku street. She sings well like Miley Cyrus, but that quality is not appreciated in her homeland where So-senkyo defines the fame and spotlight. She has the perfect pitch, but it often intimidates her friends at Karaoke Box after school.

“It's the perfect place for her” says the master creator, Miya-P, who captured her in the iPhone App as a Cheer Leader/Judge on the newly launched Karaoke App called Anime Karaoke Ma'★. Now, she became the master of ceremony and scores your half assed singing.

“Master your Anime songs on iPhone and compete the score given by Sora with your friend, or plug the iPhone in to your speakers and convert your room to your own Karaoke Box” However, Miya-P warns you the experience is so addictive!

“If the key is too high”, says Miya-P “don't worry! Anime Karaoke Ma'★ supports the real time pitch shift as well as the tempo changer to customize your song to perfection”. “If you are also interested in learning Japanese to impress your Japanese girlfriend, switch subtitle from English to Japanese, and master the Kanji-character as you test your reading while singing”. That's Miya-P's new dual display patch he has been working for months.

The App is free to download, and now it comes with a special promotion track, “oath sign” the opening track of FATE/ZERO, originally performed by LiSA.

If you like the App, you can subscribe a monthly membership for the price of $2.99/m to access the song catalogue, which is updated regularly.

Go to itunes now and download the app, and also follow Sora on Twitter (@HoshinoSoraDesu) for more info.

During AX 2012, Anime KARAOKE MA'★ will sponsor the Karaoke Room and also host Ma'★ Karaoke Contest on June 30th from 5pm to 7pm. It will solely feature the App and the contestants can pick the songs from its song catalog. Go to Facebook and register online for this special contest and also meet LiSA, who will stop by to present the special prize.

“For the next upgrade, we'll give Sora a real voice and dance moves”, Miya-P reveals his plan for the next version, which will be released towards the fall. But for now,

Master your favorite Anime songs and be a Star, or sing like a Star as you've never been before!

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