Japanese Start-Up Develops Service to Help Anime Figure Collectors Worldwide

“Sugo Toys Japan” subscription service will deliver a new toy every month, helping fans complete collectable sets at a reasonable cost.

TOKYO- The worldwide boom of Japanese pop-culture has increased the desire for figures and collectibles from popular anime, manga and videogame series. Yet sometimes collectable figures are not locally available or they carry a premium price.

In order to help fans enjoy the coolness and/or cuteness of Japanese toys, Sugo Toys Japan has been set-up as a monthly subscription service. Each month, fans anywhere in the world will receive a figure from a collection set at a reasonable price. With this service a collector will be able to have complete sets of their favorite characters.

Sugolog Inc. has scheduled the launch of Sugo Toys Japan for August 2012, but already there is a teaser website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account online. The company also plans to grow this service into a subscription service destination for a variety of Japanese products.

Sugo Toys Japan (Teaser Site):
Facebook page:
Twitter Account:

About Sugolog Inc.
Founded: December 2010
Founder & CEO:Masaru Nakajima
Business Domain: Multilingual social media marketing service
Sugolog Inc. helps companies solve their marketing problems through the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Sugolog Inc. is able to help companies in the research, planning, development, operation & analytics of their social media strategy. The company is also able to help their clients with their global marketing needs. Sugolog Inc. can work in Japanese, English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese & Vietnamese.

Sugolog Inc. Also runs SUGOJAPAN , a Facebook page serving news, information & contents related to Japanese pop-culture & tech culture. Since January 2012 it has gathered more than 25,000 fans. Sugolog Inc.'s motto is “Make it more SUGOI” (SUGOI means “cool” or “great” in Japanese). The middle term goal of the company is to make “contents that you would like to bookmark in your browser” by 2015. The long term goal is that, by the year 2040, the word SUGOI becomes part of the global language.

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