September Issue of World's 1st Digital Manga Magazine COMICLOUD on Sale Soon!

BookLOUD Inc. simultaneously releases the September issue of Monthly COMICLOUD (Vol.3, No.9)—the world's first digital manga magazine that entered publication in July 2010—worldwide on September 28, 2012 for the Amazon Kindle, Kindle DX and Android.

Cover illustration is made by Bang Ippongi. Happy Halloween!

Product Details
Title: COMICLOUD Vol. 3, No. 9
Genre: Digital Manga Magazine
Specs: Bilingual English & Japanese edition (Kindle)
Monolingual English & Japanese editions (Android)
Pages: 187 pages (Kindle), 94 pages (Android)
Price: US$6.99 (Kindle, incl. cost transmission), JPY400 (Android)

Hit Manga Series!
QUADRIFOGLIO 2 by Takeshi Okamoto
Yotsuba and the rest of the Koyo University Autocross Club drive out to Miyajima, one of Japan's three great views, to celebrate Chloe's victory. But who's behind the wheel of the mystery Citroen tailing them?
The books (Vol.1~Vol.3) have been released.

DEMENTIA 21 by Shintaro Kago
As the number of elderly shoplifters grew, the prisons became full with senior citizens. What kind of unthinkable secret plan will the government and police come up with?
The books (Vol.1~Vol.2) have been released.

X-HUNTER RAY by Ryu-zin
Don Kilmister has pinned down the location of Dr. Tsukishiro's lab and assaulted the building. But what he doesn't know about is the unimaginable monstrosities lurking inside...

by Bang Ippongi
Bang-chan's new book "Bicycle Diary 2012" is out! This chapter is about material collection and making of this manga, and also shows us the unforgiving backside of all that.

Just the Two of Us by Maki Haneda
A pair of twin girls, they did everything together. But things start to come apart one day when they both fall for the same boy...

NOBUNA-GIRL by Taro Matsumoto
Byro could escape from another attack of the Oni, but this was a trap set up by the Oni. The Oni hunter tribe is in big trouble! What will happen to Deloris and Miko?

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