Hanabee Entertainment Licenses Bodacious Space Pirates Part 2! (モレツ宇宙海賊)


  • By the series director of the Ninja Scroll TV series and animated by the same studio that does Fairy Tail, Satelight.
  • Part 2 wraps up the Swashbuckling adventures in 13 episodes
  • Featuring both the English dub and original Japanese audio.
  • This release is available both in DVD and BluRay


What is a pirate captain without their crew?

Just as Marika's settling into the pirate life, her crew has fallen sick! And so with her crew out of commission, Marika must turn to the only people she trusts to get the job done. Her solution, the members of the Space Yacht club, of course!

But Marika's new lifestyle and her father's legacy maybe in danger with the growing threat of pirate hunters lead by Quartz Christie, the Grand Cross' Captain. Eliminating any pirates in their wake, the Grand Cross, is a force to be reckoned with and the crew of the Bentenmaru is not the only pirate ship feeling the heat. However, a duel to decide their fate with Marika at the helm – is it a recipe for disaster or the ultimate plan?

Cross the high seas of space once again, on board the Bentenmaru for the actionpacked conclusion of Bodacious Space Pirates!


Teaser trailer, clean opening & clean ending


“[Bodacious Space Pirates is] filled with fantastical deep-space sights: luridly colored magnetic storms, squads of knife-shaped battleships, battles fought with cinematic sprays of luminescent energy.” - AnimeNewsNetwork


Birdy the Mighty: Decode, Vandread

Image © 2011 Yuichi Sasamoto/Asahi Shimbun Publications Project Mo-retsu

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