Hanabee Entertainment Licenses Kids on the Slope!

(Sakamichi no Apollon|坂道のアポロン) [Release date 1st May 2013]


  • From the Director who brought you one of the most popular timeless anime's to date, none other than Cowboy Bebop!
  • The nostalgic jazz sounds are brought to you by none other than Cowboy Bebop's music composer (Yoko Kanno).
  • Rated at 8.5 on IMDb.
  • This release will be available in both DVD and BluRay.
  • Dual Languague Audio, including English Dub.


At the beginning of summer in 1966, Kaoru moves yet again, this time to a sunny part of Kyushu Japan. For him, it's a never-ending cycle of trying to adjust. A classically trained pianist, Kaoru would soon be left alone to play or to study.

But local bad-boy Sentaro Kawabuchi has a taste for confrontation and feels no need to leave Kaoru alone. He demands Kaoru's attention, and at first their friendship is precarious at best. But upon discovering Sentaro's immense talent as a jazz drummer, neither of them can ignore each other, and through music a friendship beyond words emerges.

Master director Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Beebop) handles this brilliant manga adaptation with care, and along with an amazing soundtrack from Yoko Kanno (Macross, Ghost in the Shell), Kids on the Slope is one of the most accomplished anime programs in recent memory.




"Kids on the Slope, a new anime from the people behind the cult hit Cowboy Bebop, feels custom-made for ex-band kids like me, and yet it excludes no one. This show has been crafted with such a warm love of life and music that musicians and non-musicians alike will fall under its spell." - KOTAKU

Source: Hanabee Entertainment website.

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