London Gaming Convention 2 Announced for this 4-5 May 2013

Following the success of the first London Gaming Con in 2011, Animeleague has announced they will be holding their second this 4th-5th May at the Rocket Complex, London Metropolitan University. Animeleague are most known for hosting events such as London Anime Convention and Alcon. Hundreds upon hundreds of people from across the country are expected to gather for a weekend packed of gaming. Attendees can compete with fellow gamers, see gaming exclusives from attending publishers, chillout and play casually on a range of retro and modern consoles, dress up in cosplay, and meet icons and voice actors in the industry.

London Gaming Convention has confirmed that gaming publishers Konami, Zen United and Namco Bandai shall be supporting the event, with more to be announced nearer the date. These publishers will be providing prize-support, demonstrating new games and hosting exclusive competitions. There will also be a wide range of modern and retro setups from all the eras of gaming for attendees to play casually as well.

The convention shall feature Mike Pollock, voice actor for Dr.Eggman, from SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog games. Another key guest is internet sensation brentalfloss, famous for his with lyrics series on YouTube.

The convention will also host a number of gaming tournaments for attendees to take part in; both competitive and casual. These involve: Halo 4, Black Ops 2, Gears of War, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade, Blazblue Extend, Metal Gear Rising, Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3, Smash/Brawl, Mario Kart Wii/7, Mario Kart (SNES), Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, Minecraft, Sonic 1 Blindfolded, Pro-Evo Soccer, Sonic 2 (Megadrive), Super Mario 3 (SNES), Golden Axe (Megadrive), Slenderman. Most will involve cash prizes. There shall be more tournaments to be confirmed as the event draws closer.

It won't be solely about gaming, as there will also be an extensive cosplay presence at the event, with the Cosplay Masquerade and a cosplay fashion model show taking place on the Sunday. Attendees shall be encouraged to dress up as their favourite gaming characters (entirely optional). Trading card tournaments such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic The Gathering and Vanguard will also be held. Of course there will also be a wide selection of fun and quirky events taking place including a Pub Quiz, a Final Fantasy Concert and a Battle of the Bands on stage (using Rockband) and much more. All the fun and gaming shall continue to past midnight on both days and shall include gaming-themed parties later on.

“We are going to make this year's London Gaming convention better than ever, with more tournaments and publishers on board, we can promise it's going to be a game-a-thon”. Anime League, event organiser.
“I love gaming and am looking forward to experiencing London Gaming Convention for the first time” Jess Banks.

Pre-paid entry for the convention is £15 for either days or just £8 for sat and £7 for Sunday. On the day entry is £10 per day. Register before March 10th to be entered into a draw to win Capcom prizes.

You can check out the event now at and get your tickets at

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