Tokyo Otaku Mode and MTV 81 Begin Their First News Content Syndication

New Collaboration to Boost Japanese Music Entertainment Content

TOKYO - Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) and MTV Japan have announced today that TokyoOtakuMode and MTV 81, MTV Japan's English language digital platform, will begin syndicating news content. Through this joint news syndication, which signals a first of such content collaboration for both platforms, TOM will provide the latest music entertainment news to its worldwide otaku content subscribers, and MTV 81 will gain access to the increasing population of Japanese otaku culture fans.

By adding the value of music entertainment from MTV 81 to its content, TOM plans to respond to the growing need for Japanese pop culture news and increase subscriber satisfaction. TOM has attracted numerous otaku culture fans worldwide by offering a wide range of rich otaku entertainment news on its official Facebook page, as well as on its website “TokyoOtakuMode.” TOM, as a leading Japanese entertainment media platform, will continue working with corporations and artists around the world to create an innovative edge in the global entertainment marketplace.

MTV 81 will receive selected feeds of current otaku entertainment news content, which TOM updates daily on This will enable MTV 81 to provide its audience the opportunity to get in touch with Japan's latest otaku culture and entertainment scene, which is in line with MTV 81's vision to create a bridge between Japanese pop culture and the global entertainment scene by utilizing MTV's international network, and establish new alliances that will enrich its content.

In recent years, the music industry has become significantly important in the otaku culture and entertainment community. Japanese pop music has been introduced to worldwide otaku fans through Japanese anime songs, which are often produced and/ or performed by popular Japanese musicians. Many Japanese musicians have been invited to perform at Japanese anime exhibitions and conventions around the world. Likewise, many voice actors have appeared on stage and performed their original songs for live audiences. Also, the development of the singing voice synthesis software the creation of various popular virtual singing characters, such as Hatsune Miku, the exploration of new horizons of the otaku music entertainment scene. In many ways, Japanese otaku culture has become a gateway to the Japanese music entertainment scene, and many otaku enthusiasts from around the world are now more familiar with Japanese pop music.

Comment from Tomo Kamei, Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc., Co-Founder/CEO:
With the worldwide popularity of Hatsune Miku and other aspects of the otaku music entertainment, now we can not talk about otaku culture without discussing Japanese pop music entertainment. Through the Vocaloid” has inspired syndication partnership with MTV 81, TOM will grow not only as Japanese subculture entertainment news media, but also as a pop culture entertainment news media.

Comment from Akinori Makino, Vice President, Ad Sales and Digital Media, MTV Networks Japan:
MTV 81 aims to build an open and continuing circle to deliver Japanese pop culture to the world. We welcome the collaboration with Tokyo Otaku Mode and are very grateful for starting this news content syndication. With this collaboration, as well as joining with like-minded others, MTV 81 will continue growing and expanding the circle of Japanese pop culture enthusiasts.

About Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.
Tokyo Otaku Mode™ (TOM) is a worldwide distributor of otaku content, including anime, manga, cosplay, and otaku entertainment news. Owned and managed by Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc., which was incorporated in Delaware, U.S. in April 2012 by President and CEO Tomo Kamei, TOM has operated its Facebook page ( since March 2011. Within two years of its launch, TOM has accumulated over 11 million likes on Facebook, becoming the largest Facebook page operated by a Japanese company. TOM also launched its own website "TokyoOtakuMode" ( The website offers otaku entertainment news articles in English and a user-generated content (UGC) platform, which TOM subscribers can upload their own self-created otaku artwork, cosplay photos, and more.
In addition, TOM launched the smartphone app “Otaku Camera” for iOS in November 2012 and for Android in December 2012. The app allows user to mangatize any pictures from their mobile devices. With over 100 different unique frames, users can create one-of-a-kind manga-style graphic art. The app offers many special frames that feature anime, manga, and other famous characters. Reaching over 3 million downloads, “Otaku Camera” has ranked high in smartphone camera app reviews around the world.

About MTV 81:
MTV 81 (, operated by MTV Japan since November 2012, is an English-language advertiser-supported digital platform designed to showcase Japanese artists and pop culture to international audiences. MTV 81 offers original content including live performances, artist profiles, news and interviews with those shaping Japanese pop culture and trends. MTV 81 references the international calling code for Japan.

About MTV Japan:
MTV is the world's premier youth entertainment brand. With a global reach of more than a half-billion households, MTV is the cultural home of the millennial generation, music fans and artists, and a pioneer in creating innovative programming for young people. MTV Japan launched on January 1, 2001 as a 24-hour channel offering a mixture of Japanese and international music content. MTV connects with its audiences through multi-platforms that include television, online and mobile phones to offer a complete experience of music and youth entertainment and is seen in about 7.2 million cable and satellite households. Outside of the United States, MTV is part of Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN), a division of Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIA, VIAB).

*All company names, logos, and products are trademarks of their respective organizations.

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