May Issue of Digital Manga Magazine COMICLOUD on Sale Soon

BookLOUD Inc. simultaneously releases the May issue of Monthly COMICLOUD (Vol.4, No.5)—the world's first digital manga magazine that entered publication in July 2010—worldwide on May 30, 2013 for the Amazon Kindle, Kindle DX and Android.

Cover illustration is made by Maki Haneda. “THE FLOWER SHOP”

Product Details
Title: COMICLOUD Vol. 4, No. 5
Genre: Digital Manga Magazine
Specs: Monolingual English & Japanese editions
Pages: 102 pages
Price: US$4.99

Hit Manga Series!

QUADRIFOGLIO 2 by Takeshi Okamoto

Koji has gone mad. He's not afraid of dying, and Yotsuba is at the mercy of his insane driving. Where is all this heading? It's Koji's extreme racing, driven by an insane disregard for his own life, versus Yotsuba's special ability. QF2 has never been so tense! Can Yotsuba come out ahead of Koji?
The books (Vol.1 - Vol.4) have been released.

DEMENTIA 21 by Shintaro Kago
Yukie Sakai was hit by a truck out of the blue! Will this be the end of her life...? It's so terrible! All of a sudden the heroine is run over by a truck! It looks like there'll be a great turmoil yet again! What kind of troubles will she get in this time?
The books (Vol.1 - Vol.2) have been released.

X-HUNTER RAY by Ryu-zin
Ray reunites with Don Kilmister upon arriving in dictator al-Dolbel's country. Meanwhile, Natalie and her escorts head to Miabandul's palace to carry out Valentine's mission. We meet Miabandul, the mysterious royal family member. It's hard to keep track of all the characters in this series. You never know what's going to happen in X-Hunter Ray!

This month Bang-chan shows us bits and pieces about (weak) mascot characters and local superheroes! The Japanese love mascot characters! It seems there's a new one born every minute. This chapter looks behind the scenes of the birth of such characters!

THE FLOWER SHOP by Maki Haneda
A florist is putting in another hard day of work at the nursery when a strange customer comes in proclaiming she will make the florist's wish come true. That's when things start getting out of control... "Allow me to make your wish come true!" If anyone says that to you, RUN! That's the lesson we can take away in this latest horror manga story from Maki Haneda.

NOBUNA-GIRL by Taro Matsumoto
Thanks to Miko's prayers Deloris was able to invoke Kiryoku. She broke the spell of the hallucination blade and defeated Natan. So Natan is after all just a lowly character to be killed off?! But the third swordmaster appearing next seems to be a much tougher opponent!!.

HERO by Mariko Yokoi
Yuto is an ordinary teenage boy whose lust-inspired delusions about his lovely classmate Shiori get out of hand one day... Every guy can relate to having wildly unrealistic romantic aspirations as a teenager. That's the subject Mariko Yokoi takes up in her third slightly risque and off-the-wall story!.

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