Otome's Way Releases New Digital Manga and Hosts Free Boys' Love Comics and Novels Online

Tokyo, Japan – June 15, 2013 – Today, the English version of Otome's Way's newest homoerotic manga, Small Yard, by the artist Ruz will be on sale via their website. The site is also preparing to host new original boys' love manga and novels on the site's various reader facets for absolutely free. As of next week, Otome's Way will feature both English and Japanese versions of the manga series Welcome to Halliwell Hotel by Ai Yusura, So What if I Misunderstood? by Yuzuyu, and In the Palm of your Hand by Tokita Makoto as well as the short novel Don't Call Me a Demon by Nekomori Mew.

Small Yard is a sexually explicit BL manga by the artist Ruz and tells the story of two co-workers who begin a complex relationship. The Japanese version of the manga could already be purchased via the Otome's Way site, but starting today, the English version and bi-lingual set will also be available at US$5 for one language or US$7 for both. The file contains not only the main series, Small Yard, but also its prequel titled Our First Little Garden.

The offer of free BL manga on Otome's Way began with the series Welcome to Halliwell Hotel by Ai Yusura. The lighthearted manga follows a butler, Shou, and his master, Alexis, characters from Ms. Yusura's Japanese textbook, A Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese, released earlier this year. Starting next week, two more manga will be made available on Otome's Way's on-site manga reader. The first is So What if I Misunderstood?, by Yuzuyu. The story will contain young love, a sweet schoolboy romance. The second title to be offered for free is In the Palm of your Hand, by Tokita Makoto. This story will follow the relationship that forms between a doctor and his patient. All free manga are updated with a new page every week.

The translation of Japanese BL novels is another new service which Otome's Way has to offer. As of now, the site's library contains just one title, Don't Call Me a Demon, by Nekomori Mew. It is a suspenseful tale of action and romance between a Japanese detective and a mysterious pale-haired demon. As with the manga, a new chapter of the novel is added every week.

About Otome's Way

Otome's Way digitizes Japanese style comics with homoerotic themes for a worldwide online audience. Inspired by the popularity of Otome Road, an area in Tokyo famous for its large collection of shops catering toward a BL-biased fan base, Otome's Way promotes this same tantalizing genre of adult-oriented love stories for individuals entrenched in the boys' love subculture. But, unlike anything released before, Otome's Way fully utilizes the technological capabilities of digital manga with the addition of digital color, animation, and voice acting, bringing the manga to life in a brand new way.

Small Yard
Author/Artist: Ruz
Rating: 18+
File Format: ePub
Release date: June 15, 2013
Price: Jpn or Eng- US$5, Jpn/Eng set- US$7

Welcome to Halliwell Hotel
Author/Artist: Ai Yusura
Rating: 15+
Release date: new page every Tuesday
Price: FREE

So What if I Misunderstood?
Author/Artist: Yuzuyu
Rating: 15+ (subject to change)
Release date: new page every Wednesday
Price: FREE

In the Palm of your Hand
Author/Artist: Tokita Makoto
Rating: 15+ (subject to change)
Release date: new page every Friday
Price: FREE

Don't Call Me a Demon
Author: Nekomori Mew
Rating: 15+
Release date: new chapter every Sunday
Price: FREE

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