MangaGamer Releases New Game from ClockUp

September 13th, 2013--We at MangaGamer are proud to announce Eroge! ~Sex and Games Makes Sexy Games~ is now available for sale!

Everyone loves eroge! What's not to love? There are great stories, great characters, great art, and of course, great sex! But this time, as Tomoya, it's your turn to help make one!

At long last you've joined an eroge company like you always dreamed–only to slam face to face with truth that it's not making any money! If this next title doesn't sell, everyone's out on the streets! You're not even getting paid for your work!

But the staff you're working with is four hot girls, so it's worth the sacrifice to try, right? Wait–None of them know a thing about sex? AND they're making a rape game?!

Can you turn these girls' talent in the right direction before it's too late?! There's only four months until release, and work is already underway!
Find out in the sexy escapades of Eroge! Download the trial version today!

Eroge! ~Sex and Games Makes Sexy Games~
"Ahh! I came!"
It was nine in the morning, and light was streaming into my six-tatami room.

After pouring my energy into the eroge I just bought, I tossed the used tissues into the trash.

I'd like to go another round, but... I have an interview at 11. Why am I jacking off to eroge on the morning of such an important day, you ask? Hmph... What a foolish question... It's because I love eroge!!

That's right, the interview I have today is for a job at an eroge company!

...But it's not like I can draw. Or write a scenario. And I definitely can't compose music.

All I have is the knowledge I've earned from playing over 1,000 eroge, and above all, my burning passion for them.

Naturally, I've failed my interviews at a lot of companies, but... but today I'm certain! I'll do whatever it takes! I'll join an eroge company and make my own eroge too!

...And thus, I finally got accepted at this tiny studio, Flower, but... it's on the verge of bankruptcy! If their next title doesn't sell, then they're going to go under... I mean, I'm not even getting paid unless this new game starts moving serious units!

On the other hand, the staff members are all cute girls...♥

Or so I thought, but they've each got some pretty serious quirks... and while they're all talented, none of them have any motivation or knowledge when it comes to sex!

And what kind of title are they producing? A rape game?! Jeez, at this rate, the company I finally got a job at is going to go broke...!

But I'm not going to let that happen! I'm not going to give up!!

"I'm going to do my best to make a sexy eroge!!"

Eroge! ~Sex and Games Makes Sexy Games~
Manufacturer: ClockUp
Genre: Adventure
Price: $44.95
OS: Windows XP(32bit), Windows Vista(32bit), Windows 7(32bit)
Text Language: English
Voice Language: Japanese
Age Rating: 18 and over

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