Manga Reborn Starts New Review Column

Manga Reborn is proud to present our new review column! We'll be providing reviews to you of the most recent chapters of popular manga series, as well as reviews of new anime that are set to start in the Fall! We'll be updating the reviews as soon as the chapters and episodes come out in Japan, so please check it out! And don't forget to tell us your own thoughts as well! Let's see how manga is read in Japan vs. overseas! Will our opinions match?! Come and find out!

Scheduled Series: Nisekoi, Toriko, Terraformars, Assassination Classroom, Birdman, Kingdom, Jojolion, Tokyo Ghoul, Danchi Tomoh, Galaxy Patrol Jako, and more coming soon!

Scheduled Anime: Kuroko no Basket 2nd, Little Busters! ~Refrain~, Valvrave the Liberator, and more coming soon!



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