Bushiroad Outlines Details of Organized Play Program and Launch Events for Future Card Buddyfight

Bushiroad Outlines Details of Organized Play Program and Launch Events for Future Card Buddyfight

Los Angeles, CA (December 13, 2013) – Bushiroad announced the details of its organized play program for their newest trading card game, Future Card Buddyfight, which releases on January 24. Similar to their other games, Cardfight!! Vanguard and Weiss Schwarz, Bushiroad promises to offer strong shop support in conjunction with a robust organized play program for Future Card Buddyfight. The organized play program will debut in February 2014.

To commemorate the release of Future Card Buddyfight, launch events will be held at stores in all territories (Europe, USA, Asia-Oceania) during the week of January 24 through February 2, 2014, with Bushiroad conducting events at select locations the weekend of January 24 through 26. Launch events will consist of Future Card Buddyfight teaching workshops, as well as Trial Deck-only tournaments. Entry is free, and players must have an English Edition Dominant Dragons or Savage Steel Trial Deck to enter.

Players who attend the workshops or tournaments will be able to receive a special foil-stamped and dated version of February's promotional card, BFE-PR0004 “Damocles Dragon.” This foil-stamped version will only be available during that first week of release. Tournament entrants will also receive a special Future Card Buddyfight deck case.

There will be two recognized tournament formats for Future Card Buddyfight—a Best of 1 format and a Best of 3 format. The Best of 1 format will be double-elimination, single match only with a 20-minute time limit, and is recommended for new and younger players (ages 14 and below). The Best of 3 format will be double-elimination, best of three matches with a 40-minute time limit, and is intended for more experienced players. Stores will have the option of selecting which format they would like to run. Only English Editions cards may be used, and no mixing of different language cards will be allowed.

Stores currently registered for Bushiroad's other trading card games are automatically registered to run Future Card Buddyfight tournaments, and the tournament sign-up procedure will be the same as that of Cardfight!! Vanguard. Shop tournaments are scheduled to commence in Feburary 2014 following the week of Future Card Buddyfight launch events.

Further details regarding the launch events will be made available on the official Future Card Buddyfight web page, http://fc-buddyfight.com/en/.

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