MangaGamer Announces Pre-Orders for Valkyrie Svia

December 20th, 2013--We at MangaGamer are proud to announce that Valkyrie Svia is now available for pre-order!

We're proud to present Valkyrie Svia, the very first release one of our newest partners, Lilith!

Just how depraved can you make the strongest battle maiden, Svia!?

Drive the battle maiden Svia into a corner with all sorts of brutish training in a fantasy world inspired by motifs from Norse Mythology! Whether she's trained by your hand or by the jotnar, grotesque sub-races, or whether you'll entrust her to the dark monsters of Hel is all up to you, the player!

Enjoy this battle maiden erotic shaming gang-rape adventure on January 24, 2014! Pre-order your copy today!

Valkyrie Svia

The protagonist Loki, a divine being, joins forces with the jotnar and denizens of Hel and invades Asgard, the world where the gods dwell. Just when it seems he has the whole world in his hands, Odin, the chief of the divine, takes a life-threatening measure. He seals the mouth of the river that feeds Yggdrasil, the tree which supports the world, and compels his captors, "Release me if thou wishest not to perish with me."

The withering of Yggdrasil means the end of the world. Our protagonist has fallen into a dilemma, but there are keys with which to break the seal on the gate. He discovers that those keys are still sealed within the virgin wombs of the battle maidens who continue to oppose him stubbornly: Svia and Sigurd.

"If we defile those maidens, the seal will be broken and we can retrieve the keys from their wombs!"
"We have a score to settle with those maidens! Let us jotnar and our clan rape her with our penises!"
"No, we Helians should be the ones to defile them with our depraved tentacles!"

By this order from Loki, a devious, evil trick is played on Svia and Sigurd. The last hopes of the divine, the battle maidens and heroes known as "Valkyries" are snuck up upon!

Valkyrie Svia
Manufacturer: Lilith
Genre: Adventure
Price: $24.95
OS: Windows 2000 932bit), Windows ME, Windows XP(32bit), Windows Vista(32bit), Windows 7(32bit), Windows 8(32bit)
Text Language: English
Voice Language: Japanese
Age Rating: 18 and over

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