Anime Dating Website Surpasses 20,000 Users

December 27, 2013 - An anime dating website surpassed 20,000 users this year, after being online for its fifth year. MaiOtaku, launched in 2009, has been giving anime fans a chance to meet other anime fans for years, calling itself the best anime dating social network in the world.

It's a unique place for any website to be, but the anime dating niche has founds its place with Every year more users have signed up than the last, searching for friendly nerds to talk to.

"Literally dozens of people have told me, in person, about meeting their boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse on MaiOtaku and it's really cool," said developer Ryan Kopf.

This year the website launched a renovated mobile interface specially designed for Android and IPhone smart phones, as over 15% of users now regularly access the website on their mobile devices.

The website is built to feature both community and individual user-to-user interaction. Users on the forums have come together to host a continous chatroom on Tinychat at and others have even started a wiki at

Everything is free, unlike traditional "dating" websites which charge $20 monthly to send private messages to other users. Any users can signup and instantly talk to other users through comments, or through private messaging after they accept a friend request. As of December 2013, MaiOtaku has over 23,000 users registered.

"The biggest part about these numbers is that the spammers and robots are not counted," said Kopf.

MaiOtaku uses technology from the Project Honeypot blacklist, in addition to custom behaviour-detecting software, to completely disable registrations by 99% of spam accounts. Known bad IP addresses are prevented from signing up, and accounts that act suspiciously are quickly disabled.

"If we counted robots and auto-signups, there would be over 100,000 users," said Kopf.

Anime fans can see what it's like for free at

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