Guts the Black Swordsman - Birth Ceremony Chapter -Version 4 Figure

ART OF WAR Latest Release!
Berserk figure series new item, Guts the Black Swordsman - Birth Ceremony Chapter 1/10 Scale *Limited Version 4- released in January 2014.
This item is based on the battle between Guts and Mozgus and his torturers in Conviction Arc, Chapter of the Birth Ceremony, Vol.20. To rescue Casca from burning, Guts ignored the wounds on his body and tried to detain the angel shaped enemies step by step toward the top of the tower. The most heroic moment was taken and re-created. The painting work is definitely different from the previous versions; furious face expression is shown by blood and dust painting. The dead angel is painted into a purple tongue, with the flowing blood on the marble like stone of the tower, the base changed image into an "after battle" feeling. Ruins of the tower and dead body and the blood stained armor of Guts perfectly reflect the feelings of Birth Ceremony.

ART OF WAR figure is highly appraised for its artistic value and unprecedented level of describing multiple details by using the polystone instead of PVC. The careful modeling and color using enhances the charm of the Skull Knight.
Each figure attached a nameplate with serial numbers 1~50.
Guts the Black Swordsman -Birth Ceremony Chapter 1/10 Scale *Limited Version 4

........................................................ Approx. $508

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