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The Number of Cygames Beast Players Increases

Cygames renews relationship with hit esports team and expands team lineup

Tokyo – March 16, 2018 – Japanese publisher Cygames has renewed its sponsorship of Cygames Beast, and announced that the esports pro team will be getting an expanded lineup.

Fighting Game fan favourites GamerBee, Fuudo, and Chris Tatarian will join current team members PR Balrog and Daigo ‘The Beast’ Umehara to make up the newly expanded Cygames Beast. Former team member Snake Eyez will depart from the team.

The new version of Cygames Beast will make its debut this weekend, at the Street Fighter V tournament due to take place at Final Round 2018 in Atlanta from March 16.

New members:
Chris Tatarian

Cygames Beast was formed in March 2017, taking its name from Umehara's famous moniker, and 2017 saw several notable tournament wins and match victories. The newly renewed partnership consolidates the position of Cygames in the esports market, following the recent announcement of the company's western esports plans for its hit strategy title, Shadowverse. Those plans will culminate at the World Grand Prix in December, where the world's top Shadowverse players will compete for a first prize of a million dollars (more information here: https://youtu.be/TFTl0ORPXBM).

Yuito Kimura, Game Producer and Executive Director at Cygames commented: “Every one of us here is looking forward to another year of nail-biting entertainment as part of our continued collaboration with Cygames Beast. At Cygames we strive to deliver on the dreams of our players, not just through social games - which we are well-known for in Japan - but across a diverse spectrum of content. By expanding our relationship with Cygames Beast we're looking forward to reaching ever more gamers that share our passion as embraced by our motto: creating the best in entertainment.”

Player Biographies

Daigo “The Beast” Umehara
Daigo stands alone as the world's greatest and best known Street Fighter. He has been called the ‘Michael Jordan of fighting games’ due to his reputation of superhuman feats, his tremendous star power, and his ability to transcend his athletic career by becoming a global star. His impressive competitive track record spans more than twenty years, featuring multiple EVO wins and three Guinness World Records. His many notable gaming achievements include the staggering ‘Daigo Parry’ at Evo 2004, where he seemingly defied all logic to parry Justin Wong's Super Art before finishing him off with a counter-attack.

Daigo is the author of multiple bestselling books, a corporate and university lector, and a featured interviewee on national TV programs, newspapers, and popular magazines, including Harvard Business Review and GQ magazine of Japan. Daigo has also established himself as an influential community leader, producing his own fighting game events, including the popular Kemonomichi (Way of the Beast) series.

For more information check out his official site: www.daigothebeast.com.

PR Balrog
Eduardo ‘PR Balrog’ Perez is regarded as Puerto Rico's greatest fighting game player. He is a consistently strong finisher at EVO each year, and is an exceptionally versatile competitor, exceling in a wide range of titles, including Street Fighter, Marvel vs. CAPCOM, Injustice, and others. Eduardo's professional career began with a surprising 5th-place finish in SFIV at EVO 2009. In 2012, he claimed 3rd place in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (SSFIV: AE) at EVO. In the following year, he continued this successful streak by placing 4th in SSFIV: AE at EVO 2013.

Eduardo's risk-taking, intimidating and aggressive play style, is well balanced by his endearing and fun personality, making him a community favorite.

Bruce ‘GamerBee’ Hsiang first made a name for himself by infiltrating the EVO 2010 at 5th place in Street Fighter IV, and he has since become a mainstay of the global pro scene. In 2012 and 2015, he finished 2nd at EVO and solidified his name and popularity. Now, he is renowned as one of the strongest Necalli (SFV) players in the entire world.

In his native Taiwan, his achievements and wholesome personality have made him a national star and central figurehead within the community. His popular Twitch channel (Twitch.tv/gamerbee) is a showcase of the growing Taiwanese FGC and Taiwanese lifestyle, and he continues to grow his fanbase through his streaming as well.

Fuudo made his astonishing international debut at EVO 2011 winning the first place with Street Fighter IV. Ever since, he has consistently accomplished remarkable achievements, such as the 3rd place at EVO 2014, and the second place at EVO 2016, just to name a few. He boasts a precise but aggressive play style and intellectual approach, and is widely regarded as the world's best R. Mika player in Street Fighter V.

Fuudo is also a frequent collaborator on ‘Daigo the BeasTV’ channel and recognized as an irreplaceable star on the show.

Chris Tatarian
Chris Tatarian (aka. Chris T) is a young breakout player from the SoCal scene, and one of the new generation's most prominent Ken players. Much inspired by Daigo, Chris aspires himself to become a new icon of Street Fighter and synonymous with Ken.

At just 22 years old, he has made his name known to the world through his mastery of Ken, as well as his no-nonsense and fearless personality. He is also known for social conscientious actions such as running a charity for Hurricane victims.

About Cygames
Cygames, Inc. is an acclaimed developer and operator of popular mobile games. Formed as a CyberAgent group company in May, 2011, Cygames always strives to provide the best in entertainment. The company's first title, Shingeki no Bahamut (Rage of Bahamut), revolutionized mobile card games when it was released in September 2011. The company's next ground-breaking adventure, Granblue Fantasy, expanded the possibilities of mobile gaming with an epic story featuring dozens of voice actors. In order to create the best content, Cygames puts fun first.

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