TV Animation Fruits Basket The Final Has Started Broadcasting with a Heart-wrenching Opening and Ending Themes by 'WARPs UP' and 'GENIC'

Fruits Basket: The Final” stars airing globally from today. The Opening Theme Song "Pleasure" is a new song by Japanese-Chinese mixed boys collective "WARPs UP", and the Ending Theme Song "春うらら(Haru Urara)" is a new song of mixed gender dance & vocal group "GENIC". Both of them were aired for the first time in the program today so don't miss it!

“春うらら(Haru urara)” by GENIC

Faithfully capturing the story, the Opening theme "Pleasure" by WARPs UP's is their first melodic medium ballad song with the idea that the future can be changed by oneself in any environment and fate. The song is inspired by the characters of "Fruit Basket" who are trying to resist their destiny while having to overcome their own weaknesses. The ending theme "春うらら(Haru Urara)" by GENIC is a medium ballad that is perfect to describe the arrival of spring that will make you feel positive by singing about "friendship" and "a new beginning". It is a song that makes you feel the warmth as if you are supporting the characters of "Fruit Basket" who are trying to move forward. These songs will be a great theme to fill your day as you enjoy the spring that is just right around the corner.

For those who haven't watched the Anime, “Fruits Basket: The Final” the story about Tohru, who lost his mother and used to live alone in a tent, but decided to live with Yuki Soma and Kyo Soma because the place was the site of the venerable "Soma family".

However, the Soma family has been bound by the abominable "curse" for hundreds of years.

Tohru, who deepens her bonds with Yuki Soma, and the Soma family, struggles to break the curse, but cannot find a clue to the solution. On the contrary, she was at a loss for words when she learned the greatest secret that the head of the Soma family, Akito Soma, was a woman.

The "bond" that connects the "God" and the "Zodiac" is a fragile spiral of sadness.

However, there is no feast that lasts forever-- The first memory, the first promise that everyone has forgotten. What is waiting for Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru over there is something that every Anime fans definitely should watch and see for themselves!

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