Mamono Musume - Slime & Scylla Now Available

JAST USA announced today that its second game in the Mamono Musume series, Mamono Musume - Slime & Scylla, is Now Available.

Mamono Musume - Slime & Scylla is the latest monster girl-themed visual novel by Vanadis, this time taking you on an island adventure! The game releases today, July 30, for PC on the JAST Store. You can also pick up a limited physical release of the game over at J-List, and other online retail stores.

Sailin' the high seas, pirate captain Aves and 'is crew are in constant search o' treasure an' adventure. Yet 'is voyage is cut short when a storm separates 'im from 'is mates.

When he wakes up on a desert island, he is stunned to find two pretty lasses nearby, stranded like him. Lasses anythin' but ordinary: a Slime, an' a Scylla. Monsters that were once sworn enemies o' the humankind. Yet undeniably charmin', and for the moment, with their fangs safely concealed.

What's more, legends speak of a treasure that can grant whatever wish yer heart desires most, hidden on this very island. Will our hapless captain be able to find it? An' how will things fare with the two eccentric wenches he's stuck with till he can repair their ship an' sail off?

  • An episode in the life of an experienced pirate captain — an old salt.
  • Romance two monster girls, one of whom has a second, vastly different personality contained within her.
  • Lots of lewd content with predominantly dominant females.

JAST USA has been publishing Japanese games and visual novels since 1996. Their past releases include both general audience and mature adult-only titles. You can find their games on Steam and their own digital storefront.

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