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Anime 'Sorairo Utility' Unveils the Trailer, Key Visuals, the Characters' Details, and Cast Info

We are delighted to announce the unveiling of the trailer and KV for the anime "Sorairo Utility". This anime is scheduled to premiere in 2025. Additionally, we are thrilled to share the latest cast information and character details.

■ Trailer
*English sub is available

■ Character
Minami Aoba Voiced by : Miyu Takagi
A typical and average high school freshman in every aspect. Yearning to embrace high school life, she seeks something new that can make her feel like the "protagonist." Hobbies include gaming (especially mobile games), and she struggles with sports in general. Clumsy but also caring, her positivity and susceptibility to be influenced are top-notch.

Haruka Akane Voiced by : Yurina Amami
A high school senior working part-time at a golf practice range. A prodigy with exceptional golf skills. She has a cheerful and straightforward personality, easily striking up conversations with anyone, but she doesn't speak much about her own past, suggesting there might be something behind it. Golf always comes first for her, and she loves every aspect of the sport.

Ayaka Hoshimi: Voiced by Ayasa Goto
A university senior who works as both an influencer and a model. She maintains a high sense of beauty consciousness due to her work and she is also dedicated to golf. She adores Minami like a younger sister and shares a close bond with Haruka, where they can be themselves around each other. She has a keen eye for fashionable golf attire.

Izumi Akina Voiced by Yumiri Hanamori
Minami's classmate. She has a cool personality but always looks out for her childhood friend, Minami. She joined the Shogi Club and aspires to become a professional player. In junior high school, she was skilled enough to compete in the national tournament.

Masao Tadokoro Nickname “Masa” Voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue
One of the three regulars at the golf practice range is the eldest at 75 years old. He is an emotional mood-maker and is skilled with a putter. He often praises Minami as an "angel." Sometimes, he feels as if his soul is about to leave his body.

Chosuke Tanabe Nickname “Cho” Voiced by Kenyu Horiuchi
One of the three regulars at the golf practice range is a 65 years old gentleman with a calm demeanor. He often plays the role of keeping Masa and Tetsu in check and specializes in approach shots. He knows a lot about golf too.

Tetsuhiro Tanaka Nickname “Tetsu” Voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa
One of the three regulars at the golf practice range is a passionate 55 years old individual who excels with his driver and enthusiastically hits shots, although he struggles with a weak back. Despite being the youngest in the trio, he is considerate and has a caring demeanor.

"Sorairo Utility" promises to build anticipation as it approaches its TV series debut.
Please stay tuned for further updates to come.

■ Teaser
*English sub is available

"Sorairo Utility" Information

■ Introduction
I'm gonna end up graduating as a nameless "Townsperson A."
Minami Aoba was troubled.
She had no particular strengths or passions.
Is it okay for her high school life to end like this, as a background character?

She jumps out of school and searches for her own "Special Something" alone.
By chance, she ends up at a nearby golf practice range.
There, she meets Akane Haruka, who works part-time, and grasps a golf club — a "Utility."
That was the encounter between Minami and golf.

Winning at play isn't the only thing about golf!
Everything related to golf is enjoyable!

Together with the genius golfer Haruka and Ayaka Hoshimi, who aims to become an influencer, seeking the moment when they can become the "protagonist"!
As a super beginner, Minami swings her club again today.

■ Staff
Director & Character Design: Kengo Saitō
Series Composition: Yū Satō
Screenplay: Yū Satō, Aya Satsuki, Aki Mizuki
Original Concept Cooperation: Kota Nozomi
Animation Production: Yostar Pictures

■ Cast
Minami Aoba: Miyu Takagi
Haruka Akane: Yurina Amami
Ayaka Hoshimi: Ayasa Goto
Izumi Akina: Yumiri Hanamori
Masao Tadokoro (Masa): Kazuhiko Inoue
Chosuke Tanabe (Cho): Kenyu Horiuchi
Tetsuhiro Tanaka (Tetsu): Toshiyuki Morikawa

■ Information TV Anime "Sorairo Utility" Official Website: https://anime-sorairo-utility.com/
TV Anime "Sorairo Utility" Official X(formerly Twitter): https://twitter.com/@sorairo_utility
TV Anime "Sorairo Utility" Official YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/@sorairo_utility

TV Animation "Sorairo Utility" (aired in 2021) Main Video

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