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Angels in the Court (OAV)

DVD set--Vol. 1-2

Angels in the Court DVD 1-2
Akira Motoura, the former All-Japan ace, commands the girls' volleyball team of Aota Academy. All the girls are oversexed little nymphos who are always trying to jump their beloved coach, but he must resist for the sake of the team! ...or possibly his job. But since this is a hentai you can guess that he doesn't resist all *that* much...

VOLUME 1: Nanase Morimura, a very mysterious transfer student, joins the team. She's very shy and is an amazing player, but can only play at her best after the coach gives her a little 'relaxation therapy'.

VOLUME 2: Coach Motoura is missing after he saves Kozue from being raped by three hoodlums in the park. The team searches for him to no avail. Nao tries desperately to hold the team together while they play the championship game, but Nanase can't play the game unless the coach can unleash her sexual desires.

Featuring the voices of adult film stars Haven and Shayla LaVeaux.
I just couldn't bring myself to listen to the Real Porn Stars™, but even so this was a fairly entertaining hentai. There wasn't much of a plot, but at least it was lighthearted and ecchi, with no tentacle monsters or rampant misogyny in sight. There were lots of inappropriate-erection jokes, lots of naked girls, lots of screwing, and even a pair of villains so ridiculous they'd give Team Rocket a real run for their money. This show offers a peek at the popular Soapland 'full-body wash' technique, and also treats viewers to what has to be one of the most inventive sex scenes ever animated--the 3-way with the Karaoke machine (or does that make it a 4-way?). I don't know how that girl was managing to sing, but I applaud her efforts.

The animation was quite nice, although their efforts to avoid showing genitalia were quite amusing--most of the time the girls were either sucking on shadows or nothingness, but at one point there was an Amazing Technicolor Penis. Ooo! (The 'Totally Uncensored' sign doesn't make sense, since there's no actual genitals shown onscreen...)

The quality of the DVD itself is pretty good, with no noticeable problems. On the flip-side of the disk, there are a few extras including stills from the show and pictures of the porn stars who did the voices.

Anyways, if you're looking for a bit of naughty fun, you could certainly do much worse than Angels in the Court. A fairly humorous hentai romp, it ranks on the better side of average. Recommended.
Production Info:
Overall (sub) : B-
Animation : B+
Art : B+
Music : B-

+ Nice art, entertaining *human* sex, comedy
Silly methods of censorship, not much story

Director: Satoru Sumisaki
Script: Yasuyuki Muto
Storyboard: Satoru Sumisaki
Original Character Design: Poyoyon Rock
Character Design: Seiji Kishimoto
Animation Director: Ten Nakazama
Producer: Saburo Omiya

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