Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Episode 133

by Amy McNulty,

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After taking a week off, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations returns with another relaxed, reflective installment. As Jiraiya and Sasuke work out a plan to take down Urashiki, Naruto and Boruto continue their Rasengan training. Hungry for answers, Boruto finally asks his father some questions about Sasuke's defection from the Hidden Leaf and learns more about his motivations for wanting to bring him back. As their joint training rolls on, the Uzumakis gradually become closer and better able to coordinate their techniques. However, when Urashiki appears before them, the boys are unable to deal any damage to him. Not even the arrival of Jiraiya and Sasuke is able to impede the villain's efforts. With the Pervy Sage seriously injured and Urashiki on the cusp of obtaining the Nine Tails' chakra, our heroes will have their work cut out for them in the coming weeks.

Fortunately, the item Sasuke dropped last episode doesn't turn out to be explicitly incriminating, but both Sasuke and Boruto need to work on their spy skills, as they failed to work out the details of their paper-thin cover story ahead of time. Jiraiya doesn't press Sasuke on what he's discovered, but Sakura is still suspicious after she confronts Boruto over the smudged note that fell out of Sasuke's pocket. Though Sakura's immediate assumption that the Sasuke referenced in the note refers to her Sasuke seems like a bit of a stretch, this is very true-to-character, considering how much she had Sasuke on the brain during this time period. The actual content of the note, however, is unclear, though it appears to have been written by Sarada. (Of course, the fact that Sasuke is referred to by name instead of “Dad” may signal otherwise.)

Aside from Urashiki appearing toward the end, not a whole lot happens this week. Still, the main draw of this arc is Boruto paling around with young Naruto, and in this respect, episode 133 largely delivers. The boys continue to train together, develop a mutual respect for one another, and play off each other's eccentricities. Boruto finally feels comfortable enough to enquire about young Sasuke, and Naruto feels comfortable enough providing his new friend with answers. Perhaps due to growing up with his mother's home cooking, Boruto seems unaware of just how deep his father's love of ramen runs until he witnesses firsthand that Naruto practically lived off it as a child. This leads to a handful of amusing jokes, including poor Asuma being pressured into treating the Uzumakis to yakiniku—in addition to footing the bill for his three genin.

Although the latest battle with Urashiki has only just begun, the villain has already demonstrated just how out of their depth our heroes are—with even Jiraiya, one of the Naruto-verse's most powerful ninja, incurring an injury. The Uzumakis have now spent two episodes training for this fight, and this seems like the perfect time to see all their hard work pay off.


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